New Clean Energy Consortium Deploys Groundbreaking Supercapacitor Modules and First Platform to Expand Green Technologies

American Clean Energy Group steps in to aid Northern California's post-earthquake power needs

American Clean Energy Group, a new consortium of clean energy companies, is about to build eight new manufacturing plants and help Northern California get back on its feet.

With modules that can store electricity electrostatically in a hybrid, graphene and solid-state Supercapacitors designed to charge in 30 minutes, ACE is now offering to assist Northern California recover from the massive power outages caused by the recent 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

"Now is the time for the affected people in California to know what is available and how ACE energy storage modules can keep the lights on. Our thoughts are with the people of Northern California," says Brad Bickel, CMO/Managing Partner of American Clean Energy Group.

Based in Sheridan, Wyo. and with offices in New York City and Denver, Colo., American Clean Energy Group is a consortium of existing companies with proven track records in the clean technology space. The arrangement offers extensive manufacturing capabilities, renewable energy designs, and engineering background and know-how with an existing worldwide network of distributors.

ACE offers a range of non-chemical/non-lithium ion-powered storage modules designed to quickly and efficiently deliver hours of electrical power to homes and businesses. The consortium also has developed the first advanced energy storage platform focusing on green technologies.

With a mission to establish multiple world-class supercapacitor non-chemical battery manufacturing, warehousing, training, and technical facilities, ACE group is poised to expand. The company is scheduled to build eight manufacturing plants in the United States starting in the first quarter of 2023, according to the CEO & Managing partner Herve Ime.


ACEG is a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for the residential, commercial, hydro carbon and industrial scale markets seeking energy independence. Five years in the making, the Supercapacitor storage modules are degradation-free, longer-life, faster-charging, safer, less costly and more environmentally friendly alternative to chemical batteries. The largest of five Supercapacitors includes a 500-amp forklift.

The firm's energy server is a standalone, integrated power, electronics hardware and software platform enabling fossil fuel-free micro-grids and eliminating the need to configure solutions by deploying disparate components in cumbersome configurations.

ACE specializes in the engineering, procurement and construction of new, off-grid clean energy projects. Integrating renewables needed to modernize existing electrical infrastructure. The goal is to integrate renewable energy into conventional energy distribution systems, ultimately creating fast and reliable energy accessible everywhere, especially in underserved regions.

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