FabricAir Acquires Cleantech Startup Borealis Wind

Borealis Wind solves the problems of wind turbine freeze ups in cold weather climates with internal FabricAir fabric HVAC ducts that disperse heat throughout each blade.

FabricAir, a global leader in fabric-based air distribution systems, opened FabricAir Canada, Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario in May 2023. This expansion was followed by the acquisition of Borealis Wind, effectively increasing the suite of innovative solutions available from FabricAir.

The formation of ice on the blades of a wind turbine is a major and often overlooked problem. In countries with cold climates, this leads to large operational losses for turbine owners, unstable security of supply and huge risks to people and property in the vicinity of an iced-covered wind turbine.

Borealis Wind was established in 2016 to solve this problem. Their unique and patented solution equips wind turbines with an internal ice protection system that utilizes fabric ducts to prevent and remove ice buildup. The lightweight solution allows cold climate wind farms to prevent costly downtime and damages, improving the efficiency and safety of wind turbines while providing a stable energy supply during the winter months.

Founder of Borealis Wind, Daniela Roeper, P. Eng., will become a member of the global FabricAir management team and Vice President of the BorealisWind product line. "We have been lucky to work with FabricAir since we started Borealis Wind and we're excited about our future together. Their commitment to innovation, quality and customer experience aligns with Borealis Wind's values," said Roeper.

"We're pleased to be expanding our product offerings to our global clients with the Borealis Ice Protection System," remarked FabricAir CEO, Brian Refsgaard. "This talented team of engineers combined with this innovative solution broadens our ability to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of industries."

FabricAir Canada was the 16th location opened by the company, further emphasizing their growth throughout the world and dedication to ongoing innovation in the HVAC industry.


About Borealis Wind:
Borealis Wind is improving the reliability and efficiency of wind turbines operating in cold climates. The company provides an easy to install retrofit blade heating system for new and existing turbines to prevent and remove ice build up while increasing production by as much as 10% annually. Borealis Wind was founded in 2016 and has installed systems at wind farms across Canada. To learn more, please visit www.BorealisWind.com.

About FabricAir:
FabricAir was founded in Denmark more than 50 years ago to provide innovative textile air distribution systems for a wide range of applications. Since then, the company has grown into a global company with subsidiaries in 16 countries and a large network of distributors reaching customers in over 120 countries. FabricAir is a pioneer in the HVAC industry with a team of 250 employees around the globe, the fastest lead times in the market, and a commitment to ongoing innovation. To learn more, please visit www.FabricAir.com.

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