Looking to install solar panels on a slate roof? Solar Slate’s innovative product now makes it quicker and easier.

Massachusetts is among the top states for slate roofing, with two percent of single-family homes featuring slate roofs. Many homeowners with slate roofs want to "go solar". However, existing methods of installation on a slate roof require removal of nearly half the roof. Until now.

Solar Slate Solutions, based in Billerica, MA, has announced a new product, the Solar Slate Plate, which allows solar panels to be attached to a slate roof without compromising the beauty and integrity of the slate roof.

Solar Slate provides an ideal solution for solar panel installers, solar companies, roofers, electricians and others who have struggled with installing solar panels on a slate roof.

"Our Solar Slate Plate has an innovative patented spacer technology that enables installers and roofers to provide seamless installation while saving time," explained David Tomolillo, president and owner of Solar Slate Solutions, Inc. "Our product installs quickly, looks clean, doesn't require slate removal and is affordable."

David spent the last four years developing, testing, manufacturing and patenting this revolutionary new product for mounting solar panels on slate roofs. Solar Slate Plate also works on synthetic slate, stone, French tile or flat stone, as well as on wood cedar roofing.

Solar Slate Plate takes minutes to install and uses a patented spacer technology to ensure no slates are damaged during the installation process or beyond.

The innovative Solar Slate Kit includes everything needed to install 20 mounts. It includes:
20 x Solar Slate Plate Flashing; 20 x Adjustable Spacers; 20 x 5.5" Stainless Lag Bolts and 20 x Stainless Washers. Solar Slate will also recommend the appropriate sealant options.

Typically, the installation of solar panels on a slate roof requires the actual removal of slates. With Solar Slate's innovative solution, that is no longer the case.

Solar Slate Solutions caters to suppliers and installers of solar panels, including solar companies, roofers, electricians and general contractors, in commercial or residential installation projects.

For more information and to view a video of Solar Slate Plate installation, visit www.solarslatesolutions.com. To arrange a consultation, contact David Tomolillo at info@solarslatesolutions.com

About Solar Slate
Solar Slate Solutions, Inc., a division of Hallmark Homes Associates, is owned and operated by David Tomolillo. Founded in 1988, Hallmark Homes Associates provides high quality remodeling and solar panel installation services to Massachusetts residential and commercial owners. Solar Slate Solutions is headquartered in Billerica, MA. For more information, contact 781-870-7570.

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