EMerge Alliance Announces Power Device Interoperability Data Model (IDM) Standard and Device Registry at RE+ Northeast

This vanguard standard is intended to address the time consuming and costly challenges of designing and locating compatible equipment for use in dc-coupled microgrids.

FEBRUARY 13, 2024 (Alexandria, VA) -EMerge Alliance Governing Board will formally announce their latest vanguard technical standards effort associated with their ongoing effort to accelerate market adoption of Direct Current (DC) & Hybrid Power Microgrids in the form of an open-source public library of electrical devices suitable for use in such systems. This vanguard standard is intended to address the time consuming and costly challenges of designing and locating compatible equipment for use in dc-coupled microgrids.

The new standard defines an interoperability data model (IDM) framework that allows encoding of electrical compatibility information of microgrid component devices (i.e. power sources, conversion, storage, circuit protection and distribution devices) into a machine-readable format. This allows interpretation by a computer program or mobile app with embedded algorithmic expertise to assess compatibility requirements programmed into it.

Dusan Brhlik, Chair of the Microgrid Technical Standards Committee and EMerge Alliance Governing Board member, says "the data models are intended to assist system designers in selecting suitable electrical devices to be used in configuring dc and hybrid ac/dc microgrids. Product descriptions and engineering information supplied by equipment manufacturers is often time consuming to locate and typically provides only basic electrical characteristics.

Consequently, this standard and its associated open-source public library satisfies the urgent need for a standardized information framework that can be utilized by design systems to assist inexpert and non-technical users evaluate electrical compatibility in the concept stage of system design and significantly reducing engineering soft-cost of a project."

The Standard defines a simple, readable, protocol agnostic model format using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a widely supported file format that can be used across various programming languages, that is a compact and efficient data representation for reduced network bandwidth usage and that is ideal for web applications that provide great user experiences.

Brian Patterson, Chairman of EMerge Alliance explains; "the IDM standard was created for engineers, by industry expert engineers from around the world to provide uniform and harmonized device characteristic listings to help in the design of dc microgrids no matter where they may be deployed around the globe."

Original Equipment Manufacturers' products that meet the scope criteria of the standard are eligible to be registered and listed in the professionally managed, free access, on-line public library that will be maintained by the EMerge Alliance. The library will also list companion data sheets, product catalogs, and other OEM supplied resources along with the IDM files.

OEM device suppliers who are interested in including their products in the open-source free public library are invited to sign-up for a free copy of the standard and instructions for how to create the proscribed device models and get them registered and listed, along with other product information in the online library.

For more information, visit https://www.emergealliance.org/standards/our-standards/.
An overview of the standard is being given at RE+ Events' RE+ Northeast, in Boston, on February 13, 2024.

About EMerge Alliance
EMerge Alliance is an open-industry, nonprofit association established to promote the adoption of safe, pure DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrid systems that involve on-site power generation, integration, and distribution. Its mission is to develop vanguard standards for the industry, catalyze market development, and educate the industry about the various types of microgrids. Members represent product manufacturers, architects, building owners and developers, engineering firms, environmental consultants, utilities, government agencies, and related academic and industry groups. Learn more about the organization at EMergeAlliance.org.

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