Soltec Launches SFOneX: the solar tracker with the longest length tailored for large-scale solar projects

-With a length of 125 meters, it stands out for its reliability, terrain adaptation, and wireless communication -Equipped with protection systems against adverse weather conditions: Dy-WIND technology and a hail algorithm

Murcia, April 16, 2024 - Soltec, a vertically integrated company dedicated to photovoltaic projects with solar trackers, announces the launch of its new solar tracker SFOneX. With a length of 125 meters, it is the longest dual-row system in Soltec's range. It is designed to adapt to various types of projects, minimizing the need for civil works thanks to its terrain adaptability. This leads to a reduction in costs and associated environmental impact.

This new addition to Soltec's portfolio marks a milestone in solar tracking efficiency and reliability, offering a unique solution for large-scale solar projects. Additionally, the SFOneX conforms to natural contours, adapting to both north-south and east-west slopes of up to 15%, ensuring optimal land utilization and simplifying the installation process through direct piling.
With its self-powered system, equipped with a dedicated panel and a long-lasting battery, the SFOneX guarantees up to four days of autonomous operation without sunlight. Furthermore, its design with double rows connected by a flexible transmission axis not only reduces the number of tracking motors and controllers by half but also provides a cost-effective solution for solar projects.
Thanks to Soltec's commitment to efficiency and sustainability, the SFOneX solar tracker is meticulously designed for more efficient installation and operation. With a reduced number of foundation piles, pre-assembled sets, and standardized components, the SFOneX offers outstanding economic efficiency by reducing both civil work and installation costs, as well as long-term operational and maintenance costs.

TeamTrack, Up to 7% More Energy
Like all Soltec solar trackers, it features the adapted TeamTrack system that allows maximizing energy capture by avoiding shading between rows. In the case of bifacial tracking, this algorithm also balances production between diffuse and direct radiation to always achieve maximum performance. Additionally, through the Diffuse Booster algorithm, equipped with advanced sensor systems and weather forecasting, it allows maximizing production even on cloudy days.

Protection against Adverse Weather Phenomena

Soltec's advanced tracking technology also features Dy-WIND technology, developed jointly by the company with RWDI, the Canadian engineering consulting firm specializing in wind engineering and environmental engineering, which protects the plant in case of strong winds by adopting the optimal defense position for plant protection. Additionally, it features a hail protection algorithm to prevent damage to photovoltaic modules. It is an early detection defense system, equipped with sensors with rapid response by the trackers to position themselves in the most advantageous position.
Raúl Morales, CEO of Soltec, has stated that "the launch of the SFOneX solar tracker marks a milestone in efficiency and innovation in the solar industry, highlighting its suitability for the US market due to its terrain adaptability, length, self-powered system, as well as its economic efficiency in installation. With this product, we have not only increased efficiency and reliability but also promoted sustainability and performance in solar energy projects worldwide."

For more information about Soltec's new solar tracker, visit the SFOneX tracker webpage:
The SFOneX solar tracker can also be viewed in the following video.

About Soltec
Soltec is a company specialized in vertically integrated solutions in the photovoltaic solar energy sector, with a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability. Based in Murcia, the company was founded in 2004 and currently operates in 16 countries, with a strong presence in Spain, North America, and Latin America. The company has been listed on the Spanish Continuous Market since 2020.
Soltec structures its activity through three main business areas: i) the photovoltaic project development division, with a strong environmental, social, and governance commitment; ii) The industrial division, through which it offers additional construction services to its clients, to ensure a complete and integrated value proposition; iii) Soltec Asset Management, a third business division through which Soltec manages the assets it holds in its portfolio, with the aim of maximizing their benefits in the medium and long term.

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