Gordian Energy Systems announces the completion of a rooftop solar array at Maryland's SoccerPlex

Gordian Energy Systems designs a custom solar PV system, providing a successful installation, energy savings and environmental win for one of Maryland's premier sports facilities.

Gordian Energy Systems is pleased to announce the completion of a 595 kW DC solar array at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Boyds, Maryland.

Matt Libber, the Executive Director of this massive complex had an inspired idea a few years ago! The electrical utilization required to run a first-rate facility was significant and growing. Mr. Libber decided to explore a solar solution and contacted our A.J. Armstrong at Gordian Energy Systems. He wished to learn more about the options that could deliver the most favorable system and financing solution for the Maryland Soccer Foundation.

Working together on the most efficient solar layout, and the best financing solution, SoccerPlex partnered with New Energy Equity development for an interim PPA financing solution. And ultimately, a financial partnership was established with Madison Energy Infrastructure to support a long-term operation and ownership.

Gordian Energy Systems engineered the system, acquired the appropriate equipment, and then installed a system that consists of nearly 1,300 solar panels.

Gordian Energy Systems faced some challenges related to keeping a project progressing while the Fieldhouse continued to host daily activities and large weekend events. We wanted to provide a great project, performed safely and on-time, with minimum disruption to operations.

The result of the team's strategy is a significant reduction in energy use, a greater reduction in operating costs, and an environmental statement for the SoccerPlex clients we can all be proud of.

The Maryland SoccerPlex boasts 24 professionally maintained fields and a 66,000 sq. foot fieldhouse. It is a popular venue for youth and amateur soccer as well as hosting a variety of other sports such as lacrosse, rugby, field hockey and ultimate frisbee. The SoccerPlex is currently home to two professional teams, the Maryland Bobcats of the National Independent Soccer League and Old Glory DC of Major League Rugby. It is known for its high-quality facilities and resources that make it the go-to destination for regional soccer events.

Gordian Energy Systems is proud to have been the partner chosen for the exemplary project.

About Gordian Energy Systems:

Established in 2010, Gordian Energy Systems is a leading PV Engineering, Procurement and Construction company servicing commercial and industrial enterprises. As a full service commercial solar contracting company, Gordian assists clients with every phase in a solar project, from initial consultations to long term maintenance. Services included rooftop solar, canopies for parking and ground mount solar farms used for Community solar.

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