RBI Solar Announces the Sunflower® II Single-Axis Tracker

Cincinnati, OH — Today, RBI Solar is proud to announce the launch of the Sunflower® II single-axis tracker into the commercial and utility solar markets. With over 600 MW of single-axis trackers deployed across the United States since entering the tracker market in 2018, RBI Solar has established itself as a top manufacturer of solar mounting systems in the North American renewable energy sector.

About Sunflower® II: The Sunflower® II is the second iteration of RBI Solar’s Sunflower® single-axis tracker design, which utilizes a revolutionary Gearbox design at each pile to reduce stresses and provide tracking stability at each foundation.

This breakthrough engineering feature allows for lighter components to be used in the structure’s design, making for a simplified installation in the field.

The flexibility of the system’s design also allows for complete layout optimization. Sunflower® II can accommodate any grade changes up to 15%, which can significantly reduce the amount of civil scope and site preparation time prior to construction.

The Sunflower® II features four main areas of innovation to better serve the commercial and utility single-axis tracker marketplace.

  • Drivetrain Technology – The Drivetrain system connects the Gearboxes at the top of each foundation and carries the power from the Motor to rotate PV Modules throughout the day. The Drivetrain has been engineered to operate on undulating topography. Sunflower® II installation techniques and tolerances have been improved to allow installation on grade changes up to 15%.
  • Enhanced Communications & Controls – Each row of the Sunflower® II system operates independently, so software upgrades to the Communications & Controls systems ensures every row is rotating in conjunction with one another.   These enhancements increase the reliability of our backtracking, operational uptime and system performance.
  • Field Support Services – RBI Solar has dedicated Project Managers and Certified Installation Teams that are capable of ensuring each Sunflower® II system is properly installed and commissioned. Our installation crews are required to complete mandatory training and must follow QA/QC protocols in order to install the Sunflower® II system.
  • Integrated Wire System – Along with the complete mounting system, the Sunflower® II is equipped with an integrated electronic balance of systems (eBos) that ranges from wiring to combiner boxes.


For more information on the Sunflower® II system, please visit www.rbisolar.com or contact our team Directly.


About RBI: Established in 2008, RBI Solar Inc. is a market leading provider of commercial fixed-tilt, carport, roof mount, landfill, and single-axis tracking solar systems. RBI has deployed over 5 GW of solar systems throughout the United States and internationally, offering in-house services from design, to engineering, manufacturing, and completed structural system installation.

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