China's Largest Stand-alone Energy Storage Station with Hithium LFP Battery Inside has Gone Live

A 200MW/400MWh stand-alone energy storage station in Ningxia has been connected to the grid in December 2022. ROBESTEC supplies this giant station with energy storage systems which apply Hithium's advanced LFP energy storage batteries. As the largest of its kind in China up to this moment, this project is a major milestone in the building of renewable energy power system in Ningxia.

Benefiting from the unique advantages of wind and solar energy resources, Ningxia is at the forefront of evolution to renewable energy. However, the intermittent nature of the clean energy sources remains a challenge to grid operators when scheduling power generation. Therefore, energy storage systems in electricity networks are becoming increasingly important.

Appling Hithium's cutting-edge batteries, the energy storage systems in this project work by storing the energy generated by renewable sources like solar and wind. It modulates frequency and peak according to power grid loads. When the grid experiences high demand, the stored energy can be directed towards homes and businesses.

With its storage capacity of 400MWh, this project can provide electricity for 300 households for one year consumption. The energy storage systems can significantly reduce coal consumption, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 501,000 tons per year. It'll ensure the future security of the Ningxia's energy supply and play a major role in the net-zero transition.

This project is a great example of finding the best available technology at the best value, in order to answer the technical challenges the grid is faced with when delivering a net zero energy sector. The project will help ensure the stability of the electricity network, enabling greater volumes of renewable energy projects to be connected to the grid, as China continues to decarbonize.


About Hithium

Hithium specialize in the R&D, production and sales of LFP energy storage batteries and systems. With strong customer orientation, Hithium is committed to providing safe, efficient, clean and sustainable energy storage solutions for the world. Hithium now have over 4400 employees globally including over 1000 R&D engineers with extensive experience in energy storage. Hithium planned 4.71 billion USD total investment and 1,400,000m2 factory space to achieve 135GWh production capacity of energy storage battery in 2025. Learn more by visiting:


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