AUO Offers Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions, Establishing New Pillars for Net-Zero Cities

As the global net-zero trend intensifies, the demand for renewable energy becomes increasingly crucial. Thus, energy transition now becomes a nationwide concern. With low entry barriers and wide accessibility, solar photovoltaics have become the indispensable role in green energy. With years of experience in the solar energy industry, AUO is committed to creating affordable, reliable, and sustainable clean energy. During the 2023 Energy Taiwan held from October 18th to 20th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, AUO will showcase building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) materials and innovative energy management solutions that feature smart management and digital transformation, providing new urban appearances in creating sustainable net-zero cities.


Low-Carbon Buildings becomes the Main Driving Force of Net-zero Emissions

In response to the announcement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' target of reaching 20% renewable energy generation by 2026, and the vision of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, solar energy is now at the forefront of energy trends. In the future, for new constructions, extensions, and alterations of buildings, the installation of power generation equipment on urban rooftops will become a crucial pathway. "AUO has a strong presence in the energy industry and can provide intelligent and sustainable solutions for smart manufacturing, net zero carbon emissions, and green energy," stated TY Lin, General Manager of AUO Energy Business Group. "We are actively developing the green energy building sector, seamlessly integrating solar energy applications with building structures to achieve the goal of energy self-sufficiency for buildings, positioning them as a powerful pillar for sustainable development in the era of carbon neutrality."


Aligning with global trends toward carbon-neutral buildings, AUO creates the BIPV solution based on the company's abundant experience in power plant construction. Starting from the beginning of the building designing phase, actively developing SunSteel integrated photovoltaic corrugated roofing sheets, differing from the complex methods involving traditional photovoltaic mounts, it enables swift installation, avoids secondary construction, reduces the overall weight of the photovoltaic systems on building structures, and further contributing to carbon footprint reduction, achieving thermal insulation, waterproofing, green energy supply, and urban aesthetics on building rooftops. SunSteel has received dual certifications for module performance and safety standards from the renowned international testing and accreditation body, TÜV Rheinland, propelling rooftop solar energy as the new standard for future buildings.


AUO has developed the SunBello, an aesthetic green energy solar module, in pursuit of expanding clean energy and its applications into everyday life. Its patented technology incorporates special grid patterns, integrated customized designs into photovoltaic building materials, reduces the impact on module power after glass patterning while maintaining exquisite and vibrant colors. This innovation has enabled Liuying Chi Mei Hospital, Tainan, in combining art with photovoltaics by enlarging and reproducing eight world-famous paintings on photovoltaic panels. These panels not only enhance aesthetics but also generate electricity, creating an artistic corridor that seamlessly combines energy generation, carbon reduction, thermal insulation, and aesthetics.


In addition, the SunCurva, a lightweight and flexible solar photovoltaic panel, has achieved a substantial 70% reduction in module weight by incorporating lightweight module materials and optimizing structural design, expanding the future of solar panel appearances beyond traditional impressions of rooftop installations. It allows for versatile and extensive use across diverse fields, including transportation vehicles and recreational vehicles, enabling them to serve as multifunctional solutions for energy storage, charging, and power generation in daily life applications, thereby advancing the transition of renewable energy sources.


In this emerging era of low-carbon buildings, technological innovations play a crucial role in supporting sustainable energy development. AUO enhances the efficiency of its smart cleaning robots used in field maintenance, reducing the weight by 40% and enabling easier operating, allowing them to autonomously navigate across arrays of solar panels. When combined with the SunVeillance smart cloud monitoring system, which utilizes AI-driven real-time monitoring sensors and data analysis, they effectively reduce labor costs and ensure stable power generation.


EnLink Ensures Energy Management through Energy Efficiency Data Visualization

As the trend toward energy transformation advances, the rise of electric vehicles and charging stations for energy storage and transportation accelerates. Through software and hardware integration, AUO develops the EnLink energy data collector, which gathers energy information from various devices in different settings, including energy storage systems, solar power systems, EV charging stations, and other equipment. The collected data is integrated into the energy management system, which is then visualized for management through the mobile app and kiosk display boards. This allows simulation of real-time energy consumption, clear presentation of energy usage percentages, and facilitates remote monitoring, energy dispatching, and control of various power sources. This effectively saves energy, improves the generation and self-consumption rate of green energy, optimizes electricity costs, and achieves more immediate, suitable, and efficient energy management.


Mastering energy management not only reduces energy waste but also enhances energy efficiency, ultimately lowering carbon emissions. Therefore, in this exhibition, AUO has partnered with two of its subsidiary companies to provide comprehensive solutions. This includes the smart connected device SPIIDER, provided by AUO Digitech, which delivers real-time monitoring of machine power consumption for energy flow statistics, providing an overview of power usage and energy consumption analysis. It also offers predictive alert notifications and remote troubleshooting modes. Additionally, complementing this, AUO Envirotech offers the "Net-Zero Building Solution", which utilizes data collected by the smart building management platform for environmental data collection, enabling intelligent assistance for distribution, analysis, and carbon emission conversion, and combines them to reinforce and establish a robust energy management network.


With its profound competitiveness in the energy industry, AUO integrates software and hardware resources along with strategic partnerships to respond to the global net-zero transition, realization of zero-energy buildings and energy-saving initiatives. The company establishes a new benchmark for rooftop photovoltaics, making rooftop solar energy the most accessible and environmentally friendly energy source with the shortest transmission path for the public, aiming to create sustainable, net-zero emission cities.


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