Acculon Energy Unveils Revolutionary Sodium-Ion Battery Products

Acculon Energy, a leading US battery company, announces the series production of its sodium-ion battery modules and packs. The products are a result of Acculon's modular product architecture, which uniquely supports UL safety standards for mobility and stationary energy storage applications. The company's sodium-ion-based products are part of a larger roster of advanced battery systems, all designed and developed to create certainty in time-to-market and product certification while granting hardware and software flexibility to suit a range of application specifications.


Sodium-ion is a rapidly growing emergent battery technology, highlighted by significantly better power and superior low-temperature performance as compared to iron phosphate or nickel-based lithium chemistries. Importantly, sodium-ion batteries are free from conflict minerals or premium input materials like lithium carbonate or cobalt, increasing their sustainability profile among advanced battery chemistries. Acculon Energy has been conducting research and development with the technology since the company's inception, culminating in the commercialization of sodium-ion products poised to meet the ever-growing power demands of its OEM customers.


Acculon's first two sodium-ion products support a range of applications and are available in small and large modules, capable of building into varying capacities (kWh) and voltage levels. In addition to meeting the safety requirements of UL standards like 2271, 2580, 1973, and 9540, the products comply with stringent UN regulations and are validated to Acculon's industry-leading rigor for quality and safety.


Acculon's President, Andrew Thomas states, "We've seen the technology readiness level and availability of sodium cells improve impressively over the past two years. Along the way, we've invested heavily to validate cells in our renowned test lab and conduct pre-certification destructive testing. Our customers demand durable performance and a compelling value proposition–our sodium-ion batteries will achieve both."


Acculon Energy is currently building robust manufacturing capacity to meet the burgeoning demand for safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions for a range of electrification programs. Scaled production of 2GWh is scheduled for mid-2024, ensuring timely access to this game-changing technology.


About Acculon: Acculon Energy is a battery system developer and manufacturer. Built on decades of energy storage experience, insights, and technology, the Columbus, OH-based company provides an innovative end-to-end approach for accelerating market entry while minimizing risk during the commercialization process. From cell selection and pack design through prototyping and production, the firm combines its expertise in energy storage, AI, and IoT to drive the transition to next-generation lithium-ion solutions, from start to scale. For more information, please visit our LinkedIn page.


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