The Power of Banking Support Eases PVH's American Expansion

In the field of renewable energies, the importance of financial support from banks and financial institutions is crucial to the success of large-scale projects requiring major investments. Whether it is financing for capital investments, operating expenses or research and development, the economic backing from financial institutions is a key point for sustainable development and the global energy transition. For PVHardware (PVH), one of the world's leading solar tracker manufacturers, this support plays a key role in their expansion plans, especially as they prepare to start production at their new facility in Houston. Access to financing enables PVH to execute its next strategic initiatives with confidence and efficiency.

Emilio Garcia, COO of PVH, stresses the crucial role of financial support in the company's journey towards establishing its presence in the solar tracker manufacturing sector. "Financial support is essential to start operations in our new Houston factory" assures Garcia. "It provides us with the means to invest in state-of-the-art technology, streamline our production processes and offer high quality solar tracking solutions to our customers. We have a solid structure and the best engineering capability, but we're also backed by bankability."

In addition to banking support, securing backing from tax equity providers is equally crucial, especially in the initial stages of project production. These providers, who take ownership of the project during its early phases, play a significant role in facilitating PVH's expansion plans. Notably, PVH has garnered support from big tax equity providers like Bank of America and JP Morgan. This collaboration underscores the confidence and trust these institutions place in PVH's vision and expertise in the solar tracker manufacturing sector.

But the collaboration between PVH and such organizations goes beyond mere monetary transactions. It represents a partnership based on mutual trust and a shared vision of sustainable energy solutions. These commonalities have been achieved thanks to PVH's global reputation as a tracker manufacturer and its proven track record of success as a solvent company for almost a decade. The banks not only trust PVH and offer financial resources, but also provide expertise and guidance, helping the company navigate the complex landscape that is emerging in the U.S. PV industry.

In its U.S. track record since its founding in 2011, PVH has demonstrated a strong financial position, consistent business plans and an effective commitment to innovation and sustainability. Financial institutions would not offer their support if they did not see the collaboration with PVH as a sure value and an opportunity to seize.

This support is undoubtedly a catalyst that facilitates the company's growth and innovation in the United States, just a few months before the start of production at the Texas plant. Thanks to this financial security, PVH's future strategy in the country is consolidated to confirm its goal of becoming one of the leading companies in the development of photovoltaic energy in America, paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.


About PV Hardware: PV Hardware (PVH) is a solar tracker manufacturer and provider of innovative solar tracking solutions for the global solar energy market, including solar trackers, fixed structures and SCADA systems. Each product designed by PVH can be easily installed on any type of terrain, withstands different weather conditions, and is prepared to withstand high winds, supporting any type of module, including thin-film and bifacial. Founded in 2011, PVH has supplied more than 29GW to photovoltaic plants operating in various countries around the world. It is currently the world's third largest supplier of solar trackers and structures and has the expertise to properly manage solar tracking installations of any capacity, anywhere. 


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