Why Getting Women Involved Is Key to Renewable Energy Growth

Publicity surrounding green energy expansion features photos of men climbing wind turbines or on rooftops installing solar panels. There are women in the industry, but there is room for growth. The sector must prioritize this because they are critical for advancing decarbonization and intersectional sustainable development. Leveling demographics requires systemic overhauls, such as closing the wage gap and overcoming decades of stereotypical assumptions.


Dismissing Women Is Antithetical to Sustainable Principles

Renewable energy promises balance and agency in more than just electricity generation. Climate action includes worldwide diversity, equity and inclusion. Clean power organizations ignoring these principles are not engaging with authentic sustainability goals, which demand ethical treatment of all humans. Dismissing women from working in the sector insults the innovation and progress green power stands for.

Additionally, many companies are adopting environmental, social and governance objectives. Renewable energy agencies may feel they can skate by because their line of work is inherently bettering for the environment. Still, more females will realign corporations, getting them to set and meet genuine ESG targets.

This applies to related industries like construction, as well. Supporting renewable power is likely one of the many reasons for construction’s 13% increase in job growth over the last decade. A strong female presence ensures renewable energy’s reputation stays as clean as the power itself without greenwashing claims diminishing adoption.


Revealing Morale Dips Call for More Positive Employers

Women are absent in varying severities, depending on which part of the value chain is under analysis. Only 32% of the renewable energy workforce are women and just 34% of all female workers say they feel adequately recognized for their contributions compared to men in their industry.

Female involvement will catalyze workers in renewable energy to feel more satisfied and fulfilled in their roles. This will keep people in the positions longer, reduce turnover and prevent employees from returning to fossil fuel work — if that is where they were before. Women’s vocality is crucial for making employers more supportive and empathetic of staff, regardless of demographics.


Causing Economic Growth Happens With No Wage Gaps

Women in energy are paid 19% less on average than male counterparts. Therefore, living a comfortable lifestyle is more challenging and impacts local and global economic health. Dissolving this number is crucial for incentivizing diversity in clean energy because they could work for themselves or in industries where the gap is less severe or gone entirely.

Renewable energy becomes more profitable and enticing to stakeholders and governments when women are robust in number. Closing the gender gap in labor would add $28 trillion to gross domestic product globally. Renewable energy may be a budding industry, but it will heavily influence these projections as investments increase and worldwide legislation passes.


Teaching Skills Makes a Resilient, Talented Global Population

STEM fields have notoriously ignored training women in skills like electrical work and engineering, which are crucial for renewable energy. More role models are appearing to prove people of all genders will impact STEM fields for the better. Women’s technical skills are beneficial in communication technologies and leadership positions for clean energy companies wanting to expand.

Giving everyone the education they deserve expands the applicant pool in an industry suffering from labor shortages and consumer pressures. The number of people wanting renewable energy will continue to rise in the coming years, meaning more hands will need to be on deck. Women’s participation will also be vital for supporting government initiatives with metrics to meet concerning renewable energy expansion.


Solving Gender Disparities Is Sustainability

Green power’s foundation is the enthusiasm of its professionals. Employees are only as dedicated as the job is fair, so mending wages and battling judgment will get much-needed women in the door to participate in the renewable energy transition. Companies need their unique skills and perspectives. Boosting the percentage of women in the field perpetuates eco-social justice, expands a critical workforce and embraces the ideals behind sustainable development goals.


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