Kokam Wins Over 40 MWh of PV-Connected ESS Projects in South Korea

Batteries to provide cost-effective, safe, energy dense storage for renewable capacity firming and energy time shifting

Decmil Selects NEXTracker's NX Horizon Smart Solar Tracker for 255 MW Sunraysia Solar Farm

Sunraysia, one of the largest solar farms in Australia, is among the first projects structured with long-term offtake to an end user

Sunnova Launches Sunnova Protect™, the First Service-only Warranty Offerings from a National Solar Company, Built for Residential Solar Owners Who Are Currently Without Service Coverage

Launching first in Southern California, residential solar owners will now have access to Sunnovas service-only protection warranty, regardless of who installed their system

Clean Energy's Boom Not Enough for Global Warming

In recent years, global efforts to switch to more sustainable energy sources have been monumental. Not only is coal consumption set to plateau in China, were also expecting solar and wind power to become the most prominent sources of electricity in the coming years.

City of Huntington Beach Partners with Stem, Inc. for AI-Powered Energy Storage Services

California municipal leader adopts innovative technology services to improve taxpayer savings while contributing to sustainability and grid relief

Swytch Delivers Real-Time, Immutable and Regulatory Compliant Energy Production Information

Swytch Launches Enterprise-Ready Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Encouraging Enterprises to Create Sustainable Policies

RGS Energy to Exhibit POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle at TecHome Builder Summit on December 5-7, 2018

This VIP event will host the nations top high-volume, luxury and multifamily homebuilding companies to explore the opportunity, challenges and requirements for success with home technology.

eSourcing & eNegotiation Tool Helps EPC Companies To Remain Profitable

The big investors for Commercial and Industrial solar power projects are negotiating via eAuction process with consultants and EPC companies thus keeping them under tight profit margins, today companies have to remain competitive in price, quality and service is mandatory anyhow.

Navigant Research Report Shows US Wind Turbine Manufacturers Are Accelerating Optimization Efforts

Turbine OEMs should also offer optimization services if they do not already to open the door for more lucrative full-service operations and maintenance

Erda Energy and Black Mountain combine to provide Zero Carbon Heating & Cooling Solution for corporate clients

First commercial deployment at scale of unique geo-exchange technology has seen a major retailer cut over 28,000 tonnes of carbon and save over 160GWh of energy usage across UK stores. Black Mountain licences the technology and targets rapid expansion of geo-exchange in corporate markets across the UK.

RISEN ENERGY: world's first GW scale double-side AlOx passivated PERC cell Fab achieves mass production

Average efficiency exceeds 22.19%, higher than ITRPV expectation

EMC Launches Electricity Procurement Portal for Singapore Businesses

PowerSelect's unique 15 minute live auction helps businesses secure best electricity offers in shortest possible time

5th Biomass & BioEnergy Asia Explores Southeast Asia's BioEnergy Prospects, Biomass Exports & Sustainability Development

To be held in Bangkok, CMT's 5th Biomass & BioEnergy Asia on 23-24 January 2019 zooms in on biomass power projects in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, while also exploring the region's growing wood pellets and PKS exports to the high demand North Asian markets.

Yaskawa Solectria Solar Joins National Renewable Energy Laboratory Cybersecurity Project

NREL, in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories, is developing a low-cost module that provides distributed cryptography services for operational technology (OT) network equipment.

Biofuel gets go-ahead for testing

UK-based technology company Renovare Fuels has been awarded support by Innovate UK for aviation fuel testing through the Sustainable Aviation for Clean Growth programme. The company has developed a technology that converts waste into a biofuel that could replace traditional fossil fuels.

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