The plant upgrades and streamlined floor plan allow for and estimated increase in throughput of 30%. Automated equipment speeds up production and efficiency, reducing lead times and allowing us to get the product out the door to our distributors more effectively.

Plant Expansion at Surrette Battery Company

Jamie Surrette | Surrette Battery Company

1. What has prompted the recent expansion and upgrades at your facilities?
Surrette has been manufacturing flooded lead acid batteries in our Springhill plant since the late 1950’s. As with any manufacturer, periodic upgrades have been made throughout that time. However, over the past several years we have seen significant growth, specifically in the Renewable Energy market, resulting in a considerable increase in demand. The expansion and equipment upgrades allow us to continue to meet this growing demand and to compete globally.
2. What percentage of your sales fall under the Renewable Energy market?
At present, the Renewable Energy market makes up more than 50% of our overall revenue and this number continues to increase.   To put this growth into perspective, demand for our Renewable Energy line has increased from an initial 5% in roughly 15 years.
3. How substantial was this investment in new equipment to Surrette Battery?
The plant expansion and upgrades were a significant, but crucial, financial investment for the company.   We have not only expanded the overall footprint of our facility, but have added several new components and equipment to our production lines to increase productivity, streamline manufacturing processes and continue to implement measures to operate as environmentally friendly as possible. 
4. How will the upgrades affect productivity and your ability to serve your growing marketplace? 
The plant upgrades and streamlined floor plan allow for and estimated increase in throughput of 30%. Automated equipment speeds up production and efficiency, reducing lead times and allowing us to get the product out the door to our distributors more effectively.

5. Which Renewable Energy sector do you find is growing the fastest thus creating more demand for your batteries?
We remain firmly committed to the off-grid market as it continues to grow at a consistent pace. Our flooded deep cycle batteries have proven to be very effective in these types of applications and provide many years of low-maintenance, reliable power. 
6. What’s next for Surrette? Are there any plans to expand your product mix or move into new battery technologies in the future?
We've recently added an AGM line of maintenance-free models. Fifteen models in 6V, 12V & 2V options. This is our fore into the grid-tied market and we’re excited to broaden our product offering.  We continue to expand our stand-by products as well, like the flooded calcium FC-420 model currently in testing.














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Rolls Battery

Rolls Battery

Surrette Battery Company, the exclusive manufacturer of Rolls Battery, is one of North America's leading lead-acid battery manufacturers. Established in 1935, with a production facility in Salem, Massachusetts, Surrette Battery Company relocated to Canada in 1959 and is the Nation's only remaining independent battery manufacturer.

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