By providing a pre-engineered kit that incorporates the all-in-one concept (fasteners, flashing, brackets and bonding plates, all from one source), Roof Tech products are easy to understand and can be standardized for any array configuration

Rail-less Residential PV Mounting

Milton P. Nogueira Jr. | Roof Tech, Inc.

Roof Tech has launched three rail-less mounting hardware products for residential PV that reflect our all-in-one design concept. The RT-[E] Mount™ and RT-[E] Mount Air™ – both classified to UL 2703 - are ideal for composition roofs, the latter available with optional adaptors for micro inverters and cable harnesses. Both products feature a compact design with integrated bonding and integrated flashing. They can be independently secured using fasteners which results in a low mechanical impact on the array/roof interface due to thermal expansion and contraction. We offer P.E. Stamped letters for 21 states certifying that both products are approved for rafter and decking installation (tested) which is proven to save time and reduce costs. The third product launched by Roof Tech is our exclusive U set Solar® product which substantially reduces installation time. We are currently identifying adopters for U set Solar.

Recently, we worked with an integrator on the East Coast who first saw our product at Intersolar North America in July 2012. This integrator was eager to get their hands on our RT-[E] Mount as soon as possible, so we let them know when the product would be certified and available, then had the system flown from Japan direct to their business. Once they had scheduled installation, our team flew from California to Washington, D.C. so we could oversee the installation at a residence in Annapolis, Maryland. The installation on the home’s roof decking meets the requirement of 120mph basic wind speed and 25 psf (ground snow). It was a perfect setting. The 8.7KW system could have been installed in just one day if not for the training time. The installers were impressed with the simplicity and speed of the installation process, especially because – thanks to our rail-less design – they did not have to spend time locating the rafters.

8.7KW Installation in Maryland

By providing a pre-engineered kit that incorporates the all-in-one concept (fasteners, flashing, brackets and bonding plates, all from one source), Roof Tech products are easy to understand and can be standardized for any array configuration, which simplifies inventory and streamlines distribution to dealers and installers.

Roof Tech products offer value on every level: They are manufactured with fewer parts, the highest quality materials, are less expensive than traditional mounting products, and can be shipped at a far lower cost to any site, by any carrier. In fact, we recently shipped a 1.5KW set by UPS ground service for just $26, which comes out to less than 2 cents per watt including all mounting hardware and flashing. One major reason for the lower cost of Roof Tech products is the purchasing power of Yanegiken, our parent company in Japan.

Your rail-less racking system was a dream to install. I anticipated many questions on how to install the racking system, but your installation instructions were so good I did not have one single question. Everything went incredibly smooth. Thank you so much! I can't stop talking about the system to solar companies. Also, I feel this would be an excellent system for the do-it-yourself installer.”   A Recent Roof Tech Customer in California

1.5 KW installation in California

At Roof Tech, we believe that by educating our customers and sharing our expertise, we can grow together. A vital part of this process is our ongoing commitment to innovation and performance evaluation. For example, in 2013 we submitted our products to a testing laboratory in Fresno, California to demonstrate its endurance under water. In addition, our parent company is continually conducting research and product testing at their laboratories in Japan. Recently, our parent company completed a 7,500-hour, Carbon-Arc test for the RT-[E] Mount with butyl flashing under extreme temperatures and weather conditions simulated on a roof (moisture, UV and thermal cycling).

Currently, we have commissioned ATI (a well-known testing facility in Pennsylvania) to conduct a series of tests following standards used for roofing materials. So far, the results have been stellar and we can confidently claim that our products truly become one with the roof ”.

Above: Butyl testing, 14 days at 70 Celsius on a 45 degree surface

Above: Water leakage test for fastener sealability, with ¼” of fastener exposed above the butyl surface. Testing time was three days with five inches of water above the fastener at 4 degrees Celsius. Result: No leakage.

Water leakage test by ASTM 2140 standard (modified to composition roof). Six inches of water was in place above the brackets for six hours. Once again, our product passed the test with no leakage, and we have performed and passed more stringent testing at our research facilities. Our product is fully waterproofed.

Certainly, being a subsidiary of Yanegiken is an important asset to Roof Tech, since Yanegiken is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 facility which assures the quality and integrity of all our products.




For more information, please contact:

Milton P. Nogueira Jr.
Business Development Manager of Roof Tech Inc.
92 Hamilton Dr. Suite A
Novato, CA 94949
(415) 382-1036


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