The campuses involved in the SMART CAMPUS project reached 30% energy savings. The expected result was 20%, so in short the results were 10% better than expected.

The Smart Campus Project

Anders H. Lier | Enoro



Please tell me about Enoro and where you operate?

Enoro is a Scandinavian company producing smart solutions to increase energy efficiency in Scandinavia, Europe and beyond. Enoro has 11 offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, but operate globally through strategic partners. More than 400 companies in Europe use Enoro's solutions today and several pilot projects have proved very successful in increasing energy efficiency. Enoro is owned by private equity firm Herkules.


What are the company’s core products?

We have two core products:

Generis: This is an Energy Data Management and Meter Data Management (EDM / MDM) that provides utilities with effective tools to handle balance settlement, forecasting and pricing. GENERIS supports all commodities - electricity, gas as well as district heating and cooling. With GENERIS you can manage your complete energy supply chain from fuel procurement and storage deliveries to production and consumption of the energy product, and even manage the emission balances.

Enoro CIS (Customer Information System): Enoro Customer Information System (CIS) is a software tool for utility billing and customer care. Enoro CIS provides flexibility and efficiency for optimal customer management. Our main aim is to increase your net income by reducing operating expenses while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.


Please tell us about the SMART CAMPUS pilot project?

SMART CAMPUS was a three-year pilot project, which took place at several university campuses across Europe. The project aimed to reduce energy usage in non-residential university buildings in Milan (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Helsinki (Finland) and Luleå (Sweden).

The project developed applications to empower eco-conscious users on campus with real-time information tools to increase energy efficiency.


What kind of results were seen with the Smart Campus project?

The results were remarkable. The campuses involved in the SMART CAMPUS project reached 30% energy savings. The expected result was 20%, so in short the results were 10% better than expected. Measures throughout the campuses were implemented to achieve these results: for example applications and services helped users to access real-time information and take decisions based on this information. Users could also control the environmental conditions, such as the temperature, whether the light was on or not in the building, which was previously not possible.


How did this project support green policy?

The SMART CAMPUS pilot project was funded by the European Commission and targeted public, non-residential buildings, located in universities. The findings from the SMART CAMPUS led to a Green Paper titled “Policy Recommendations for Saving Energy in Public Buildings in Europe.” This was presented in March and aimed to the European Parliament and European Commission to guide European policy makers and others in the future. What was important was that it was widely shared through the internet, presentations, workshops, videos, newsletters, scientific publications and social media. The Green Paper led to a larger discussion how can new policies and new business models drive the energy change in Europe.


What role does information technology play in energy management?

Information technology is the key to energy efficiency. GENERIS, Enoro’s data collection system, was the tool that collected the data, analysed the results and provided feedback to the users. GENERIS collected the energy consumption data from the pilot campuses, validated it, and provided the campuses with feedback on how the forecast compared to the actual results. Without this information technology we would not be able to measure and evaluate the results of the energy management project.


How do you see Enoro expand and develop in the coming years?

Enoro has a clear international expansion strategy with a focus on Europe, particularly Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, where we already have strong customer portfolio. We will grow in all markets, by a strong direct and indirect go to market model.


About Anders H. Lier

Anders H. Lier is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Enoro since 1 January 2015. Enoro is the global software house that makes utilities more intelligent offering a complete software chain in the meter-to-cash portfolio and analytics of small to large energy utilities. With close to 25 years’ experience and more than 250 employees Enoro offers unique industry experience. More than 400 companies in Europe use Enoro's solutions daily to enhance their operations and 15 million energy customers rely on data from Enoro. Enoro’s energy data management systems draw on a deep understanding of the energy trade, regulatory environment, IT systems and business processes.


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