RE+ 2022 takes place September 19th - 22nd in Anaheim, California. The Exhibit hall floor will be loaded with new products and services. Here is a preview of some things to look forward to at this years event.

RE+ 2022 Product Preview
RE+ 2022 Product Preview

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RE+ 2022 Product Preview 

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S-5! at RE+ 2022

Solis Inverters at RE+ 2022

Featured Products

Stäubli Renewable Energy Represents Reliability, Safety, And The Highest Quality

RE+ Booth #1650

Stäubli is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors and contact systems, providing innovative solutions for demanding applications. Stäubli builds on more than 50 years of engineering and design experience to continually break new ground in the field of advanced contact technology. With the launch of the Original MC3 in 1996 and the MC4 PV connector in 2002, Stäubli has since set the benchmark in the PV industry. As of today, over 2 billion of Stäubli's PV connectors have been successfully con­nected worldwide. RE+ / Solar Power International will be a great venue to showcase our brand as the original world-leading bankable solution provider. Come by booth 1650 and ask about our MC4 Cable Coupler for 6 AWG cable. The new UL 6703 certified product is rated to 95 Amps and 1,500 volts DC. With these ratings it is the first to meet the critical need for cable components suited to today’s higher-output photovoltaic (PV) systems. Whether you are a large scale utility provider or residential installer, we would love to hear from you.










Morningstar Corporation is launching two milestone products this fall 

RE+ Booth #162

The new SureSine off-grid inverter line is Morningstar’s response to the demand for “a Morningstar of inverters” built to the same high standards as the brand’s iconic charge controllers.  Six new models from 150-2,500W with 120 or 230V output and 12, 24 or 48V DC input options cover a wide range of applications requiring a high-performance, industrial-grade inverter.  SureSine comes with wireless Android and iOS utility apps and NRTL certification, plus AC hardwire remote terminal options

GenStar MPPT is the industry’s first fully integrated solar DC charging system, an all-new design from the leader in charge controllers, with “lithium DNA.” All the most installer-requested features are on-board, including key communications and control functions. 

Additional features can be easily added via Morningstar’s ReadyBlock expansion technology. Snap-in blocks provide battery metering and monitoring, signaling and load control, and lithium battery communications/control, making it easy to grow a system to meet future needs. 

Solis 75kW~100kW Series High-Power String Inverters 

RE+Booth #2650

75-100kW three phase series string inverter have Maximum 28 strings input, support "Y" type connection in DC side. Maximum string input current 13A, support bifacial modules access. Supports anti-PID function to improve system efficiency.

High-precision intelligent strings monitoring reduces fault location time.



S-5! - CanDuit™ Clamp & PVKONCEAL™ Module Skirt

RE+ Booth #804

The CanDuit™ clamp secures and supports conduit for wire management and fastens home runs to metal roofs for solar PV systems, in combination with any S-5! clamp or bracket—providing easy, organized securement without scratching, corrosion or other damage to the roof.

Paired with the PVKIT® solar solution, PVKONCEAL™ conceals the front face of the solar PV array, protecting all mechanical and electrical components underneath, as well as creating an attractive, clean finished look. PVKONCEAL also helps to minimize the intrusion of small animals, debris and unwanted objects under the solar array.


HPS Solar Duty Transformers

RE+ Booth #1650

HPS offers HPS Sentinel Solar Duty transformers for the renewable energy industry. These transformers are available for applications where voltage adjustments are necessary between solar generation system and the utility service.  HPS Sentinel solar duty transformers are intended for bi-directional use in utility-interactive generation systems where power may flow to or from the grid.

QuickBOLT Innovative Solar Mounting Solutions

RE+ Booth #880

Come see QuickBOLT’s innovative line of solar mounting solutions at RE+. See the game-changing combination of QB2 + BoltSeal® technology together in person, which make solar installation on asphalt shingle roofs more efficient than ever before. This Miami-Dade accepted mount prevents water intrusion with or without chemical sealants. The smooth torque of QB2 + BoltSeal® helps installers get their jobs done quickly and protects roofs from install onward.

Did you know you can install on Stone Coated Steel roofs without making holes in the metal tiles? QuickBOLT’s mounts are designed in partnership with metal roof manufacturers Decra, Westlake Royal Roofing, Isaiah and many others – our SCS roof mounts work on all metal tile profiles and will help you establish new lines of income for your solar install business. See the entire line of mounts at our booth for all stamped metal profiles.






Canadian Solar to debut new all-in-one residential energy storage system

RE+ Booth #2204

For more than 20 years, Canadian Solar has changed the way consumers use energy storage by providing solutions that are simple, cost-effective, turnkey products, and provide the highest ROIs. At RE+, Canadian Solar will be debuting a new, intelligent home energy storage solution that provides seamless, real-time transfer of backup power

Soltec - SF7 & SFONE Single-Axis Tracker

RE+ Booth #1638

SF7 is the solar tracker with the highest yield-per-acre performance and greatest land-use options, ideal for large-scale PV projects. Those features combined with proven cost-effective installation and operation have driven Soltec and SF7 to the top-tier globally. SF7 has a 46% less piles per MW and 15% less parts count than the leading competitor together with fewer screw connections per piles.

SFOne is the 1P single-axis tracker by Soltec. This tracker combines the mechanical simplicity with the extraordinary expertise of Soltec for more than 18 years. Specially designed for larger 72 an 78 cell modules, this tracker is self-powered thanks to its dedicated module, which results into a lower cost-operational power supply. The SFOne has a 5% less piles than standard competitor, what reduces a 75% the labor time.





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Featured Product

​Stäubli Electrical Connectors

​Stäubli Electrical Connectors

​Stäubli Electrical Connectors are used on more than 300 GW, over 50% of the PV capacity worldwide. The MC4 family of UL and TUV listed products include connectors, in-line fuses, branch connectors, cable assembly and more.