How DSD helped T-Mobile pursue its goal of 100% renewable electricity use by tapping into off-site community solar projects.

Thinking Outside the Store

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T-Mobile was the first major U.S. telecom to sign the RE100 commitment to power its entire business with 100% renewable electricity. But not every T-Mobile store or office is suitable to host a clean-energy installation. Given this challenge, T-Mobile sought a partner who could provide a flexible solution to meet their sustainability commitments.

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DSD Solar Canopy - New York
DSD TMobile  New York & Maryland


DSD presented T-Mobile with an opportunity to be an off-taker of three community solar projects in New York state. The initial partnership totaled 17 MW of contracted off-site solar power, positioning T-Mobile closer to their goal. Community solar is an ideal alternative for companies with distributed locations, and different real estate agreements across their facilities, that want to pursue renewable electricity.



DSD is a leader in community solar projects, having developed and deployed more than 165 MW of assets to date. With the success of DSD and T-Mobile’s first partnership, the telecom leader looked to expand its utilization of off-site solar. At the time of this writing, T-Mobile is subscribing to nine DSD community solar projects across NY and MD — totaling more than 30 MW of contracted clean, local, renewable electricity.

DSD TMobile  New York & Maryland



By subscribing to DSD’s community solar projects, T-Mobile is able to reduce its overall electricity cost and make a significant contribution to its sustainability commitments. T-Mobile offsets up to 85% of its electricity usage within the utility territories where the projects are located. These community solar projects also provide clean energy to local municipalities and residents that subscribe to them, creating a win-win solution for the entire community.



  • 6,940 homes powered by renewables each year (potential)
  • 39,316 tons of CO2 offset each year
  • 4,013,368 gallons of gasoline not used each year (carbon equivalent)
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