FTC Solar releases SunDAT V3 Design Automation Software with enhanced UI and topography analysis

Advanced PV design platform drives project savings and improves accuracy

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- FTC Solar, Inc. announced the availability of the next generation release of its proprietary SunDAT Solar Design Automation software solution. SunDAT V3 contains no system size limitations and delivers highly accurate designs from small residential systems to multi-hundred MW Single Axis tracker utility-scale projects.

The new V3 user interface delivers an intuitive experience with an advanced feature set simplifying solar design and produces multiple design iterations for comparison and evaluation. With energy modeling powered by NREL SAM, production estimates can be compared side by side for multiple layout options.

SunDAT V3 significantly improves the speed and accuracy of large scale solar design. All modeling is done inside the Sketchup 3D environment. Shading analysis coupled with 3D terrain-following allows users to see the impact of terrain on energy production.

"Our advanced topography analysis allows users to identify terrain above structural tolerances during the due diligence phase and provides estimation of cut/fill volumes," said Andrew Morse, Director of Software Solutions at FTC Solar. "Providing this capability early in the design cycle significantly enhances land selection and cost estimation."

FTC Solar's SunDAT V3 was designed by solar engineers, for solar engineers. "Our mission is to deliver a highly reliable, flexible, user friendly solution that enables solar designers to focus on delivering value," said Tony Etnyre, EVP of Operations at FTC Solar. "SunDAT V3 delivers on that mission by automating layout and drafting tasks so engineers can focus on optimizing cost and constructability."

SunDAT V3 is available for a 15-day free trial at https://sundat.ftcsolar.com. For sales inquiries, please contact sundat@ftcsolar.com

About SunDAT

SunDAT is a software plugin developed for the SketchUp 3D environment that enables automated design and optimization of photovoltaic systems. The software allows users to work with residential, commercial or utility-scale sites, and optimize system layout, equipment hierarchy and energy output based on local site constraints and industry design standards.

About FTC Solar

FTC Solar is a team of dedicated renewable energy professionals focused on delivering value to our clients across the solar development and construction cycle. With over 4GW of worldwide project installation experience, FTC Solar's differentiated software and service offerings drive value for solar solutions spanning a range of applications including ground mount, tracker, canopy and rooftop. https://www.ftcsolar.com/.

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