NERC Regulatory Expert Certrec to Participate in the Solar Asset Management North America 2018 Conference in San Francisco from March 13-14

Solar asset managers are looking for effective strategies in developing successful NERC compliance programs.

Certrec, a leading regulatory compliance provider for NERC compliance, announced today its participation in the upcoming Solar Asset Management North America 2018 Conference to be held in San Francisco, California, from March 13-14.

Currently, Certrec provides NERC compliance support on an ongoing basis to several utility-scale U.S. solar facilities and has worked with these solar sites for a number of years. As the solar industry continues to grow, larger-scale installations are becoming more common. The utility-scale installations are often large enough to become NERC-registered entities. This factor is making NERC compliance a consideration that may be new to some entities.

The dynamics of the solar power industry - new technologies, customized systems, talented individuals, unique corporate cultures, and a changing regulatory environment - create challenges for the best-run organization. As a result, many discover that a "standardized" approach to NERC compliance, using a software application or cookie-cutter templates, does not result in successful NERC compliance programs.

Certrec Corporation is dedicated to regulatory compliance, exclusively, and has been since 1988. Certrec's approach is key to its successful client programs and growing NERC practice. Certrec understands that an entity that is dedicated to compliance operates every day in compliance. Every day, they are audit ready, and this is accomplished through an effective Internal Controls Process with periodic self-evaluations of effectiveness, coupled with a robust, corrective-action process.

CERTREC "Asset management professionals in the power industry are seeking better ways to minimize risk, manage resources, assure data security, and continue their successful NERC compliance programs. Certrec enables these professionals to accomplish these goals with assistance from our experienced team." - Ann Broussard, Office of NERC Compliance Business Development Director.

Founded in 1988, Certrec is an engineering and technology-based organization providing regulatory support services in the electric power industry. With more than 1,000 cumulative years of direct industry experience (including wind, solar, nuclear, and fossil), Certrec has developed exceptional capabilities to support regulatory activities emanating from regulatory entities such as the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Regional Entities (NERC), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other regulatory agencies. Certrec's Office of NERC Compliance (ONC), Office of Licensing, and Compliance (OLC), Office of Assessment and Recovery (OAR), and Office of New Plant (ONP) services are used by utilities and entities across the United States to help manage the regulatory process to their advantage.

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