Pattern Energy Pilots Uptake’s Software at Wind Site

Global renewable energy operator Will deploy on 87 turbines to generate more power

CHICAGO—Uptake, the industrial data science and artificial intelligence (AI) software leader, today announced that Pattern Energy Group Inc. (Nasdaq & TSX: PEGI) will pilot Uptake's wind software. Pattern Energy, the seventh largest wind operator in the U.S., will pilot the predictive analytics software at its Logan's Gap Wind farm in Comanche County, Texas. The site's 87 turbines have 200 megawatts (MW) of capacity, the amount of energy needed to power approximately 50,000 homes.

"Deploying Uptake's software will reduce downtime and increase the number of megawatts Pattern Energy's turbines produce," said Ryan Blitstein, vice president of renewable energy at Uptake. "With more users, our software will generate better insights for all customers to create a more productive, reliable, safe and secure world."

A report by Uptake recently found that the U.S. wind fleet could produce 12 terawatt hours more energy by eliminating downtime — enough energy to power nearly every home in the city of Chicago.

"Pattern Energy has been impressed with the value Uptake has brought to wind fleets and major companies in other industries," said Ben Rice, a senior engineering manager for Pattern Energy. "We are eager to test Uptake's software so as to connect the issues we see in our operations center to our technicians in the field."

In March 2017, Uptake announced two Berkshire Hathaway Energy subsidiaries would be the first to deploy Uptake Wind software. Uptake Wind is commercially available and enables wind power owners to increase availability, maximize online performance and optimize maintenance and site operations for wind fleets located around the world.

Pattern Energy, headquartered in San Francisco, manages its fleet through its Operation Control Center in Houston. The company has an operating portfolio of 20 wind power facilities in the U.S., Canada and Chile, producing 3,775 MW of clean energy.

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Uptake is the industrial data science and AI software leader creating a world that always works. Uptake's IoT platform and applications are built on data science, machine learning and AI that set new standards for productive, secure, safe and reliable operations. Headquartered in Chicago, Uptake works with industry giants like Berkshire Hathaway Energy and industrial customers of all sizes across the globe to use software and data to reimagine their industry.

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