WindWISDEM, a Ystrategies Portfolio Company, Announces Breakthrough Software-Based Repowering Solution for Wind Farms

Lowers Cost of Extending Production Tax Credits

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WindWISDEM Corp., a Ystrategies Corp. (OTC: YSTR) portfolio company and cloud computing software service provider that optimizes wind farm performance, today announced that it is launching a software-based repowering service for wind farms looking to extend production tax credits (PTC) for an additional ten years. WindWISDEM's repowering technology, available in 2018, delivers increased revenue from energy production efficiencies for existing turbines, meeting IRS PTC requirements at a fraction of the cost of purchasing expensive hardware to extend PTCs.

According to Neil Cohen, Vice President of Marketing of WindWISDEM, the new service reduces cost burdens on repowering wind farms that were forced to consider replacing working production equipment to achieve the necessary improvement thresholds required to extend PTCs, an inefficient, expensive and often unnecessary process.

"WindWISDEM software has redefined how wind farm operators can repower," said Mr. Cohen. "Our innovative technology creates significant increases in energy output and improved overall turbine efficiency and lifespan without having to replace existing turbines unnecessarily. By leveraging existing infrastructure with intelligent software, operators will be able to quickly and inexpensively repower. It is critical to do this now, given the reduction in wind energy prices and pending expiration of the production tax credit in December of 2019. Securing an additional ten years of PTCs at comparatively minimal cost is the common-sense approach."

Contact WindWISDEM at or to learn more about WindWISDEM's software repowering service.

Separately, WindWISDEM announced plans to hold a Wind Industry Roundtable on wind farm repowering and efficiency this Fall in San Francisco, California. To sign up for more information on the roundtable, go to

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About WindWISDEM

WindWISDEM, a startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area founded by Ystrategies (OTC: YSTR), applies physics-based algorithms against unpredictable wind data, locally and globally, to identify cooperative action among multiple wind turbines, diminishing risk while increasing power production. Early tests have demonstrated that WindWISDEM technology can significantly increase wind farm energy production. Learn more at

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