Titan Solar Power Locks in Silfab Solar for High Efficiency Modules

Titan Solars initial commitment includes the Silfab 300w and 320w modules, the most sought-after panels for residential installations, and are expected to represent a good portion of Titans more than 80-megawatt annual portfolio.

TORONTO, ON - October 11, 2018 - Silfab Solar, North Americas leading PV module manufacturer, today announced a new partnership with PM&M Electric, Inc. - doing business as Titan Solar Power, the nations 2018 top solar rooftop contractor (Solar Power World) - to deliver some of the countrys most reliable and highest-efficiency solar panels on the market.

Titan Solars initial commitment includes the Silfab 300w and 320w modules, the most sought-after panels for residential installations, and are expected to represent a good portion of Titans more than 80-megawatt annual portfolio. Sales of Silfab panels were initiated by Titans team in August.
"Silfabs ongoing commitment to premium quality modules built in North America ensured our sales teams had access to the most competitive solar solution in the U.S. market," said David Williamson, President and CEO of Titan Solar Power, adding that Silfab is also providing strategic sales support to Titan.
"Titan Solar Power is a leading solar company because of its commitment to superior customer service, family-oriented values, and its passion to provide the highest-quality, most efficient installation," said Geoff Atkins, Silfabs Head of Business Development and Marketing. "Silfab looks forward to delivering Titan the solar panels that regularly outperform competing products in efficiency, endurance and long-term power performance."

Based in Arizona, PM&M Electric/Titan Solar Power has quickly grown over the past five years to become the leading residential solar company in the country. Due to industry demand increase, the company has opened offices in Yuma, AZ and Tucson, AZ. Additionally, the company has expanded its market to include affiliate branches in Albuquerque, NM (Titan Solar Power NM, Inc.); Las Vegas, NV (WSB Electric); Thonotosassa, FL (Titan Solar Power FL, Inc.); and soon to open Titan Solar Power California, Inc. and Titan Solar Power Texas, Inc.

Because of its proven ability to deliver the highest-quality and technologically advanced products, Silfab continues to grow its distribution partnerships and sales networks with PV modules now present in 33 states and Puerto Rico. Silfab recently announced a partnership with DSM to mass produce high-power back-contact PV solar modules, has launched its first United States manufacturing operation and extended its warranty to 25 years.

Silfab has leveraged its decades of solar experience and international partnerships to design and manufacture some of the highest-output PV modules with superior quality. Silfab continues to significantly expand its automated manufacturing output at its North American facilities. New manufacturing methods, such as fully automated bussing, have helped Silfab drive down the price of solar modules by reducing production costs.
About Silfab:
Silfab Solar is a quality international leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of ultra-high efficiency PV modules with just-in-time manufacturing. Silfab has leveraged more than 35 years of solar experience). Silfabs state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Toronto, Canada, and in Bellingham, WA, have helped pioneer smart module technology, glass on glass solutions and bifacial modules. Silfabs technically innovative process produces superior reliability and performance specifically designed for the North American market. Silfab balances manufacturing capacity between OEM partners, Silfab branded modules and new technology. www.silfab.ca and www.silfabsolar.com.

About Titan Solar Power (TSP)
In Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Florida; PM&M Electric Inc. does business as Titan Solar Power. PM&M Electric Inc. was established in 1986 and has been offering its customers electrical services and expertise in multiple states for nearly 30 years. Titan Solar Power installs clean renewable power, emergency electrical backup power systems and allows its customers to establish their energy independence from traditional grid power. Titan prides itself on making renewable energy systems easy to understand, utilize and financially accessible. www.titansolarpower.com

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