Ubiquitous Energy Presents and Exhibits Transparent Solar Window Façade at Glass Performance Days

The façade is made of six insulated glass units (IGUs) that are each 14 inches by 20 inches in size, totalling over 1 square meter of ClearView Power™ glass.

Ubiquitous Energy, the leader in transparent solar technology, is exhibiting the world's first truly transparent window façade at the Glass Performance Days biennial glass industry event taking place in Tampere, Finland. At the industry's preeminent event, Miles Barr, Ubiquitous Energy co-founder and CTO, will also give a presentation titled "Truly Transparent Solar for Electricity Generating Façades".

At the event in Finland, the company will be exhibiting its electricity-generating window façade, which has over 1 square meter of the company's transparent solar technology, ClearView Power™. The fiberglass-framed ClearView Power™ window façade demonstrates the ability to generate clean, renewable energy while maintaining aesthetic beauty, high transparency, and color neutrality.

The façade is made of six insulated glass units (IGUs) that are each 14 inches by 20 inches in size, totalling over 1 square meter of ClearView Power™ glass. The façade demonstration shows the generation of clean energy even from the ambient indoor lighting via electrical readout on a multimeter that is electrically connected to the façade. When exposed to sunlight as exterior facing windows, the windows produce electricity that can provide power to buildings for a wide range of applications including lighting, while simultaneously maintaining the performance of standard commercial window glass: over 40-80% transparency, color neutrality, and low emissivity (low-E) for energy efficiency.

"We are extremely pleased to publicly demonstrate this 1 square meter transparent solar window façade. This demonstration shows the façade in action, generating energy in addition to maintaining the desired aesthetics of windows, which is paramount for designers, architects and broad market adoption," said Ubiquitous Energy co-founder, Miles Barr. "We look forward to working with our partners to install our ClearView Power™ windows in pilot projects this year and bring commercial size windows to the market."

The presentation Dr. Barr will deliver is part of the Sustainability track at the Finland event and will focus on the background of how the ClearView Power™ technology works and can be applied. Additionally, Dr. Barr will give an overview of how the technology is being integrated today to create novel, power producing windows. Lastly, the talk will outline the performance that has been achieved to date, including world record performance, and the path towards deployment into first projects.

Applied directly on glass using standard glass coating equipment, ClearView Power™ is a highly transparent, color neutral coating. ClearView Power™ selectively absorbs and converts non-visible light (ultraviolet and infrared) to electricity while transmitting visible light. ClearView Power™ also doubles as a low-E and solar control coating in addition to its electricity generation by blocking infrared light that is commonly known as solar heat. The transparent solar coating can be applied to vertical surfaces of buildings turning traditional windows into aesthetically pleasing, highly energy efficient, and electricity generating windows that are desired by architects, designers, and occupants.

About Ubiquitous Energy

Ubiquitous Energy is the world leader in transparent photovoltaics. Its award-winning ClearView Power™ technology is the first truly transparent solar product. ClearView Power™ harvests solar energy and serves as an invisible, onboard source of electricity for a variety of end products. The thin coating can be applied to the surface of windows glass to provide electricity generation and energy efficiency. Originally spun out of MIT, Ubiquitous Energy is now producing its highly transparent, efficient solar cells in its pilot production facility in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit www.ubiquitous.energy.

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