Rebranding and Launching the Brand New Name Earthava

1 June 2019. was the launch of the brand new name Earthava to replace Survival Renewable Energy aka (SRE)

Last month we were excited to announce our company brand new name Earthava. The change was crucial for our company as the old name Survival Renewable Energy was no longer reflecting our goal nor our mission.

We become aware the planet has more aspects to it than just renewable energy, so we wanted to expand our mission to other issues and aspects including Fossil fuels, Wildlife, Plastic pollution, and unethical brands that are using materials that harm the environment and many more. Earthava will still mainly focus on renewable energy, and we will continue to provide information and updates about the industry, we just wanted to expand and talk about other issues freely without the limitations of the old name (SRE).

Earthava is now the perfect name to serve our goal, and it comprises two-part. Earth and ava. Ava is a feminine given name means life and in another language it means voice or sound. So the name combined means Earth's life or Earth's sound. Which is not only short and easy to remember but also meaningful.

Keep in touch with us, if you have any question, otherwise, keep supporting us and we will do our best to spread awareness about saving the earth and the importance of renewable energy.

Featured Product

QuickBOLT - QuickBOLT2 with Microflashing®

QuickBOLT - QuickBOLT2 with Microflashing®

Error-Proof Compression: The QB2 doesn't leave any room for user error when it comes to Microflashing® compression. Once the Dual Drive Shoulder Screw is secured, the Microflashing® is compressed. Only 3 Components: The QB2 is comprised of Microflashing®, an L-foot and a Dual Drive Shoulder Screw. No more Nuts needed to tighten and secure the L-foot! Not only does this simplify the installation process, it also cuts down the installation time.