Generac PWRviewTM Empowers Homeowners With Real Energy Insights

PWRview Energy Monitoring Makes it Easier to Take Action and Save on Electricity Bills

Waukesha, Wis., September 23, 2019 -- Generac® Power Systems (NYSE: GNRC), the market leader in residential backup power systems, today introduced its PWRviewTM energy monitoring system. PWRview gives homeowners the power to see, understand and manage the electricity used in their homes. Available as a standalone installation to the home's main electrical panel or part of the Generac PWRcellTM energy storage system, homeowners will gain valuable insights to make informed decisions about their energy use.

"PWRview makes it easy to monitor home energy usage," said Russ Minick, Chief Marketing Officer and leader of Generac Clean Energy. "The power is in the data - PWRview provides easy-to-understand energy insights that will help homeowners understand how energy in their home is used, and how they can make changes to use it more efficiently and ultimately save money."

PWRview (pronounced "Power View"), monitors energy by way of an easily-installed metering device, installed inside the home's main electrical panel, that distinguishes electricity usage with +/- 1 percent accuracy; then displays the data in the PWRview app. The system displays the homeowner's energy usage in real-time in the app so they are able to quickly and easily see their energy usage and pinpoint waste. Monthly electric utility bills are merely an aggregate of all energy consumed, so this granular data and energy information identified by PWRView makes it easy to cut electricity usage and save money. Over time, PWRview creates an energy profile of the home and creates an energy score based off data from similar home sizes in the users' area; all while keeping a complete energy history of the home.

Users can track daily energy consumption, solar generation, battery usage and energy flows from (or to) the power grid, and the app forecasts future electric bills based off current usage trends. A budget feature allows users to set an energy "budget," then compete with themselves to make it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis - making energy savings a fun challenge.

PWRview will be available for purchase in fourth quarter 2019 through more than 6,500 Generac dealers, distributors, and retail partners. For more information about the clean energy business, products or the Generac family of brands, visit

About Generac
Generac Power Systems, Inc. (NYSE: GNRC) is a leading global supplier of backup power and prime power products, systems, engine-powered tools, and solar energy storage systems. In 1959, our founder was committed to designing, engineering and manufacturing the first affordable backup generator. Sixty years later, the same dedication to innovation, durability and excellence has resulted in the company's ability to expand its industry-leading product portfolio into homes and small businesses, on job sites, and in industrial and mobile applications across the globe. Generac offers single engine backup and prime power systems up to 2 MW and paralleled solutions up to 100 MW, and uses a variety of fuel sources to support power needs for our customers. Generac hosts Power Outage Central, the definitive source of U.S. power outage data, at For more information about Generac and its products and services, visit

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