When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Old Boiler?

When is the best time to replace an ill-functioning or badly damaged boiler? Here are six signs.

A boiler can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years -- that is if you're able to maintain your unit properly and act upon issues immediately. However, this ideal life expectancy is not always met. And some homeowners are prompted to retire their old boiler sooner and hire boiler installation Essex services to avoid costly repair expenses.

But when is the best time to replace an ill-functioning or badly damaged boiler? Here are six signs.

Your boiler is having frequent breakdowns. Sure, repairing a boiler is less expensive than boiler installations Essex. But if you find yourself repairing your unit every other week, the cumulative cost can already be enough (or even be higher) to cover the expenses of replacing it with a new one.

You're hearing unusually loud noises. Have you ever heard banging sounds whenever you turn on your central heating? Do you often notice gurgling noises when you're using your shower's hot water option? If so, it's a strong indication that something is wrong with your boiler.

You're smelling pungent odours. It's typical for boilers to give off a certain smell. However, if that smell becomes somewhat metallic or sulphur-like, it could mean that there's a carbon monoxide leak in your boiler. Because this gas is rather toxic, you should immediately get help and have your unit replaced.

You're noticing leaks around your boiler. Carbon monoxide is not the only thing that can leak from an old or damaged boiler. If the area surrounding your boiler has puddles, the issue can be attributed to a damage that concerns your entire unit.

You're paying too high electricity bills. Experts in boiler installation Essex often encounter clients with this problem: They seem to be paying more electricity bills. And this is because your boiler is working harder to cover its inefficiencies. A malfunctioning boiler will typically result in having an uneven temperature in your home.

Your boiler is simply too old. Once your boiler hits 15 years, you should already retire it and opt for a new unit. Not only will the old unit provide more inefficiencies -- it will also be hard for you to find replacement components.

While some of the abovementioned signs require immediate replacement services, it's generally more advised to install a new boiler during spring- and summertime. Installers charge more economically during this period and you have wider options available. Most importantly, you won't have to endure the cold for a longer period of time -- imagine replacing your boiler during winter when temperature levels can be too low and fewer boiler experts are available to address your needs.

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