Lium Launches Predictive Research for Power, Renewables, and Shale

Lium's energy industry research service is live with the introduction of a series of quantamental data models and reports. Today's launch provides independent perspective on value drivers in solar, wind, power, oil, and natural gas.

Lium LLC, an independent Energy & Industrial market research firm designed for institutional users, today announced the launch of coverage in the power & renewables markets in conjunction with existing shale production & services research.

"After more than a year of gathering data, our initial view is positive for utility scale solar, offshore wind, and U.S. shale while cautious relative to robust expectations in the residential solar and onshore wind markets," said Daniel Cruise, Partner at Lium.

A comprehensive six-part report synthesizing Lium data and perspectives for each covered vertical is available on Lium's website:

Alongside the launch report published today, Lium has introduced the following interactive datasets and predictive models for clients with Premium Memberships:

- Residential Solar - We are tracking data in real time across strategically selected U.S. cities, creating visibility on a large percentage of the residential market. Historical and forecast data can be filtered, sorted, charted, and sensitivity tested.

- Utility Scale Solar - Data on U.S. utility scale solar capacity and effectiveness is monitored by region, state, project, and company. Data can be filtered, sorted, charted, and sensitivity tested.

- Wind Power - Our U.S. onshore wind power database covers capacity, orderbook, and valuable wind resource data to help connect the dots between generation and wind speeds across U.S. regions. Offshore, both U.S. coasts have great potential for wind power generation, and we are actively tracking a project pipeline that Lium members can download.

- Power Consumption - Interactive predictive model forecasting U.S. residential power consumption. Members can drill down into state / city level data. Flexible forecasts for power demand, efficiency trends, and EV adoption rate scenarios are provided.

- Drilling & Completions - Historical and forecast U.S. onshore oilfield market data can be filtered by basin and operator with interactive forecasts for critical metrics such as frac crews, DUCs, completions, spending, and production.

These models are frequently updated with real time data and algorithm refinements to improve the forecasts. Importantly, Lium members can interact with these models to filter the data, incorporate their own expectations and see how their views impact critical value drivers. Models are accessed by Lium members online in practical interfaces (no new software required).

"This actionable launch report and first round of data models mark the beginning of Lium's differentiated research stream, which will be regularly distributed to members via real time alerts and research recaps," said Joseph Triepke, Partner at Lium.

All parties interested in Lium's research are encouraged to register for a free membership at to begin receiving Open Research resources and learn more about Premium Memberships.

Inquiries May Be Directed To:
David Cheng
Lium LLC
(512) 504-7407

About Lium, LLC:
Lium is an independent market intelligence firm designed for institutional users by energy finance veterans. Lium's research process starts with big data and incorporates human experience and field-level observations to create flexible research products. Data Synthesis, Human Touch. See more at

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