Xendee Integrates UtilityAPI for Easier, Faster and More Precise Energy Load Modeling

• The integration maximizes the efficiency of downloading past building load data directly from the utility, which gives engineers a more accurate view of past usage and peak requirements of their project. • The more exact the interval load data, the more precise the model, as the number of assumptions made during the optimization can be greatly reduced. • The integration reduces engineering hours through programmatically loading data, ensuring that the solution will be more tailored to the needs of the building.

[SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 28, 2022]-- The United States needs to cut carbon emissions 40% in the next eight years, according to both the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act and anyone following the impact of climate change on our planet. The best way to make those aggressive cuts is to transition from carbon-intensive energy sources to clean energy. However, in order to make this transition, decision makers must have confidence in the capabilities of the technologies and the financial viability of the project. Part of this process is the gathering of extremely accurate data from the utility which can help designers determine the energy needs of the building down to each hour of each day.

To expedite this process, Xendee, a provider of design and decision support software for microgrids, has integrated with UtilityAPI, a provider of interval load and general utility data for metered sites, to create a faster way for engineers to integrate the historical load data directly from the utility provider.

"We can all feel the opportunity passing us by. In the past, it could take a project engineer hours of work (and wait times of up to a month) to manually request and compile the energy data for one simple project. The entire process was error-prone, slow and deeply wasteful of the time of skilled — and expensive — engineers," said Devin Hampton, CEO of UtilityAPI. "Now that Xendee has integrated our service into their product, their customers will be able to more quickly access accurate, standardized data that helps them implement their lower carbon emissions innovations even faster."

The combined system, already in use by existing UtilityAPI and Xendee client AlphaStruxure, a provider of Energy-as-a-Service and a joint venture of Carlyle Group and Schneider Electric, will allow engineers to easily and swiftly load advanced load data from UtilityAPI directly into Xendee projects. This accelerated process will provide customers with an understanding of how to lower utility costs through renewable energy involvement and provide a highly accurate view of time and seasonal-based usage.

"As an Energy-as-a-Service provider who designs bespoke microgrid solutions, access to historical electrical data is essential. UtilityAPI's tool has allowed us to do that in a safe and secure way, but the data must still be implemented into the design," said Maeve Lawniczak, Solutions Architect at AlphaStruxure. "Consequently, with the new integration provided by UtilityAPI and Xendee, our Solutions Architects can maximize the value of their time and design solutions rapidly without leaving the Xendee platform or interrupting their workflow."

Though challenging to locate for many sites, load data is one of the critical parts of any microgrid model design. Through the integration with UtilityAPI, users have access to a connected, streamlined system that allows them to see more significant time reduction and cost savings and have the ability to make decisions based on accurate historical data of their usage.

"The integration of UtilityAPI into Xendee's software will give users clarity and control of load data in a single platform that will reduce design times and costs," said Zack Pecenak, lead engineer of Xendee. "Our goal is to offer a one-stop solution that makes the microgrid and DER design process more seamless. By implementing software solutions such as this, we are one step closer to unlocking more resilient and reliable energy sources, which have become more important than ever with the rise of natural disasters and disturbances to the grid."

The use of UtilityAPI's integration in Xendee will require a paid account with UtilityAPI and a Xendee license. After creating a UtilityAPI account, users can immediately access and import load and interval data downloaded from their UAPI account directly into the Xendee microgrid project.

In addition to this feature, Xendee continues to expand its feature list and talent pool, having recently closed $12 million in Series A funding to accelerate the deployment of its net-zero DER systems and EV charging infrastructure. Additionally, in March of this year, Xendee announced a project with Idaho National Laboratory's Net-Zero Microgrid Program to implement an environmentally and financially sustainable zero-carbon microgrid in Puerto Rico.

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Xendee brings unparalleled speed and sophistication for project decision support, planning, design, resilience, and real-time operation. We serve government and private entities who share our mission for a cleaner planet, and for our contributions we received the 2021 Edison Gold Award for Critical Human Infrastructure. Contact us to learn about how we can help you rapidly generate and compare complete bankable solutions with confidence and identify the best opportunities for you to meet your scope 1 & 2, and Net-Zero commitments.

About UtilityAPI
UtilityAPI provides the fast, easy, secure energy data that everyone in the new energy economy needs. Our customers — utilities, clean energy companies, and other technology providers — use us every day to exchange energy usage data. Customers rely on UtilityAPI data for feasibility analyses, quote generation, asset management, and measurement and verification. UtilityAPI is building the data network for a cleaner, more resilient energy sector. For more information, please visit https://utilityapi.com/

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AlphaStruxure delivers customized Energy as a Service solutions that transform sustainability, resilience and reliability into a strategic advantage. Serving energy-intensive private and public sector organizations, AlphaStruxure brings together technical, financial and contractual innovation to meet customers' current and future energy needs without capital expenditure. AlphaStruxure's mission is to be the trusted partner in energy transformation, combining Schneider Electric's industry-leading smart energy management and automation technologies with The Carlyle Group's comprehensive structuring and financing capabilities. For more information, visit www.AlphaStruxure.comout AlphaStruxure.

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