Power Electronics introduces an innovative medium-voltage frequency drive designed to transform the management of electrical energy in the industry

• Power Electronics, global leader in energy solutions, announces the launch of a new product that will revolutionize the frequency drive industry: the XMV670K. • These devices are designed to deliver exceptional performance and unequalled efficiency, addressing the key demands of the industrial sector.

Currently, efficiency and flexibility are the two most sought-after characteristics by companies in the industrial sector. In today's globalized market, companies need innovative solutions that help them optimize their processes and maximize productivity to achieve significant competitive advantages.

This context explains why frequency drives have become one of the most crucial and demanded solutions in the industry. These electronic devices control the speed and power of electric motors, playing an immense role in the modern industry by offering a series of crucial advantages that drive efficiency and sustainability in several applications.

Key Advantages of Frequency Drives

• Energy savings: Their ability to adjust the motor speed according to demand significantly reduces energy consumption and operating costs.
• Flexibility: They allow precise and variable speed control, which makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing to the management of cooling and pumping systems.
• Extended equipment life: By reducing stress on motors and other components, frequency drives help extend the life of equipment, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Power Electronics, at the forefront of technological innovation in frequency drives

Power Electronics, a leading energy solutions company, has been tirelessly working for decades to drive innovation in the industrial sector, offering cutting-edge frequency converts known for their efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

Its new medium-voltage frequency drive, the XMV670K, is the latest example of the Valencian company's commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions that enable companies to achieve their efficiency and sustainability objectives.

• XMV670K: Maximum Power in Minimum Space

The XMV670K represents an innovation in the frequency drive industry by presenting high power density in a minimal size. Its key features include:

• Ultra-Compact Design: The XMV670K redefines portability by offering a compact and elegant design that saves space and facilitates installation anywhere.
• Maximum Power Density: With exceptional power in a small package, the XMV670K provides unparalleled performance across a wide range of applications.
• Multilevel Topology: Thanks to its multilevel topology, this frequency drive ensures an efficient operation and an extended lifespan.

The XMV670K will be available starting from 01/2024

The future of the industry is in the hands of technological advancements in frequency drives, and Power Electronics continues to lead the way towards a more efficient and sustainable future for all.

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