MN8 Energy Enhances Renewable Energy Platform with Distributed Energy Solutions Offering

Renewable energy leader now bringing distributed asset management expertise to transportation electrification

MN8 Energy LLC ("MN8" or "The Company") today announced the formation of its "Distributed Energy Solutions" (DES) offering, simplifying the path to holistic decarbonization for enterprise customers. DES's initial focus on transportation electrification consists of three primary verticals, marrying public charging and fleet electrification, with distributed carbon-free energy solutions. Through DES, customers gain full access to MN8's 475 years of aggregate experience across renewable energy development, finance, construction, and operations, as well as specialized expertise in the logistics and fleet management industries.

MN8 supports the needs of businesses and communities working to decarbonize their operations and support the rapid adoption of electric vehicles. The DES offering aims to deliver scalable, fully financed, turnkey projects that are not only environmentally responsible but also economically viable, helping customers achieve both sustainability and financial goals.

Key Offerings of Distributed Energy Solutions (DES):

EV Fleet Charging: Providing complete solutions for businesses transitioning their fleets to electric vehicles; including consultative EV transition, infrastructure planning, and installation and maintenance, all with flexible financing models.
Contracted Public EV Charging: Catering to municipalities and private enterprises by developing, installing, and managing public EV charging stations; facilitating greater adoption of EVs by the general public, corporate, and municipal fleets.
Onsite Distributed Energy Resources: Supports companies in programmatically deploying onsite energy resources like solar panels, battery storage, and energy management systems; enabling energy independence and resilience.
"With the launch of Distributed Energy Solutions, we reaffirm our commitment to championing the decarbonization ambitions of enterprise customers," said Jon Yoder, President and Chief Executive Officer of MN8 Energy. "This new offering builds on our demonstrated leadership in the distributed renewable energy space and brings new ways of empowering companies and communities to take charge of their energy consumption through our turnkey support and an exceptional customer experience."

MN8 Energy, incubated within Goldman Sachs beginning in 2016 and spun out to become an independent firm in 2022, is one of the largest and most sophisticated owners and operators of renewable energy assets in North America. The addition of DES builds on the Company's longstanding expertise in solar and battery storage project development and its partnership with Mercedes-Benz to develop and operate a Mercedes-Benz branded North American High-Power Charging (HPC) network with market leading amenities, charging speeds and reliability.

About MN8 Energy:

MN8 Energy serves enterprise customers on their journey to an electrified, decarbonized world by providing renewable energy and related services. With approximately 3.0 gigawatts of operational and under construction solar projects and 1.1 gigawatt hours of battery energy storage capacity comprised of over 875 projects across 28 states, and more than a dozen high-powered EV charging stations across 6 states, MN8 is one of the largest and most sophisticated independent solar energy and energy storage power producers in the United States.

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