Affordable Wire Management’s Cable Management System (CMS) First in the Industry to Qualify for Sungrow’s Most Advanced Inverters

Company’s CMS first to achieve 630amp rating, sets industry standard for safety, increased power plant yield and lower LCOE

Tempe, AZ and Bedminster, NJ - May 22, 2024 - Affordable Wire Management (AWM), a leading provider of solar cable management systems (CMS), today announced the company has achieved a 630amp rating from the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC), a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). AWM's CMS is the first in the industry to achieve this rating, qualifying their offerings to support Sungrow's recently released 4.4 MW SG4400UD-MV modular inverter in North America.

Mikhail (Naveed) Hasan, Sungrow's Vice President of Strategy and Marketing explained, "Sungrow's 4.4 MW inverter shepherds in a new frontier for more efficient and cost-effective utility-scale solar design. By installing our inverters, developers can decrease the overall LCOE as fewer inverters per megawatt are required. Thanks to AWM's innovations, the increased requirements are managed safely since their all-metal CMS are bonded and rated up to 630amps. It's exciting to see that AWM is already producing offerings for the North American market that are ready to support Sungrow's latest step in inverter technology."

AWM's solutions meet the IEEE and NEC requirements for bonding excessive bare metal that is likely to be energized. They are also rated to comply with UL2703, the Standard for Mounting Systems, Mounting Devices, Clamping/Retention Devices, and Ground Lugs for Use with Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels.

Other alternatives, including polymetric (plastic) hangers, sidestep this important standard because they lack a bonded metal-on-metal connection.

The RETC evaluated AWM's CMS, including the hangers, beyond the maximum 200amp current rating defined by UL2703, to achieve a bonding rating of 630amps. This meets the overcurrent capacity of Sungrow's latest inverters for utility-scale solar projects, with the increased fuse capacity of 630amps.

"Utility-scale wire management carry and route dozens of electrical cables for up to 40 years, so selecting the right eBOS components is crucial to long-term power plant reliability. O+M teams, owners and operators are already learning the hard way that plastic will degrade over the 40+ year lifespan of a project. Plant owners are inevitably forced to invest time and money replacing them - an unfortunate, inefficient and costly outcome of using plastic," remarked Scott Rand, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at AWM.

Rand continued: "By providing all-metal solutions, AWM's offerings support the most cutting-edge technological advances and designs in the utility-scale solar industry. The developers, EPCs and EORs we work with, as well as the owner/operators, all experience the very real benefits of reduced construction costs, enhanced safety, consistent power plant performance and increased longevity."

Designed for utility-scale solar projects, AWM's comprehensive CMS includes the Arden Messenger Cable Hanger, the Bonsai Module Cable Hanger, and the Solar LOTO lock-out solution. AWM's expanded hardware offerings, announced in early 2024, include the HELIOS Beam Rod and the PHOTON Toolkit.

About Affordable Wire Management
Affordable Wire Management (AWM) delivers innovative, precision-engineered solar cable management systems (CMS) to the nation's top-ranked EPCs. AWM's premier Arden Messenger Cable Hangers, Bonsai Module Cable Hangers and Solar LOTO solutions are designed to excel in both economics and longevity, achieve optimal ROI and further accelerate the widespread adoption of solar energy. In addition to Arden, Bonsai and Solar LOTO, AWM's hardware offerings include the PHOTON ToolKit and the HELIOS Beam Rod. Customization options, backed by AWM's professional support team known for their deep expertise in utility-scale solar CMS, are available across the entire product suite. To date, over 8 GW of AWM's all-metal solutions have been installed in North America and Canada. For more information, please visit the AWM website or reach out to AWM via email at

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