Summit to Convene Industry Leaders to Examine Future of EV Charging in the U.S.

The EV Charging Infrastructure Summit, July 15-17, 2024 in Chicago will feature presentations and discussion on the latest developments in EV charging and the challenges and opportunities posed by its expansion.

CHICAGO — Under current policy settings, more than one in four vehicles globally will be electric by 2035 according to a recent report from the International Energy Agency. Supporting this fleet will require a charging infrastructure at least four times its current size, with over 1.5 million public chargers installed in the United States alone.*

To help navigate the challenges of this rapidly expanding market, Smart Grid Observer's 5th EV Charging Infrastructure Summit - North America, July 15-17, 2024 in Chicago will convene top industry experts and utility professionals to examine how growing EV adoption rates will impact the network, and what investments are needed to ensure grid stability and benefit.

"This Summit is an invaluable opportunity to connect with key decision makers in the U.S. EV charging space," says Daniel Coran, program manager and SGO editor.  "The focused, one-on-one networking and cutting-edge information has made this a high value conference from its inception.  It has become a key event in which to envision and plan for success in this critical sector in North America."

Case studies of current utility programs and deployments will be discussed with an eye toward refining strategies, identifying technologies, and implementing business models that will ensure widespread EV adoption is optimized for all parties involved.

Presenting organizations to include National Power, The Brattle Group, ComEd, EnergyHub, Greenlane, Wood Mackenzie, Guidehouse, Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Neighborhood Technology, Stable Auto, Powerside, ChargerHelp, BluWave-ai, Keysight Technologies, BetterFleet, RMI, WiTricity, 3M, CALSTART, Powering Chicago, Ampcontrol, Raycap, HyWatts, and more.

Event sponsors include Raycap, Sparkion, Power of Design, Wieland Electric, Ampcontrol, National Power, 3M, Powerside, and Alpha Grid.

- Topics to be Addressed Include:
- Addressing charger performance issues
- Latest in smart charging, fast and wireless charging
- Trends in EV adoption and implications for utilities
- Innovations in charging infrastructure
- Toward the Net-Zero EV: tech options and policies
- Providing incentives to increase consumer demand for EVs
- EV and battery advances, and implications for charging infrastructure
- Regulatory requirements and standards
- Reuse of EV batteries into grid-scale energy storage systems
- EV manufacturer perspectives on charging infrastructure requirements
- And more

The summit is intended for electric utilities, EV network charging operators, automotive OEMs, charging station infrastructure owners, EV manufacturers, regulatory and standards professionals, and others.

The event will be held at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Chicago, IL.

*Global EV Outlook 2024, April 2024, International Energy Agency

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