Introducing the E6-73 Stainless Steel Constant Torque Flush Mount Hinge

Optimal Performance for an Optimal Surface

Southco is pleased to introduce a flush mount version of its popular E6 constant torque hinge . The E6-73 stainless steel constant torque hinge provides all the benefits of a torque hinge in a low-profile, corrosion-resistant package, making it an ideal solution for those who want to maximize security, longevity and aesthetics. It also offers high torque for demanding applications while maintaining its low profile. With all of these benefits combined, the E6-73 Flush-Mount Torque Hinge provides a long-lasting solution for a variety of applications.

Safety is our top priority with our constant torque hinges. These hinges ensure that panels never slam shut, even when users let go, resulting in fewer accidents, greater convenience, and a better feel when moving a panel. Additionally, the barrel-down design of the E6-73 hinge reduces binding points and provides a continuous smooth surface when the panel is closed.

Typically, the more complicated a design is, the more likely it is to fail. The E6-73 hinge mitigates this problem with a durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction that protects the internal mechanism from environmental wear and tear. It also boasts a resistance of more than 500 h to salt splashes. Thus, the E6-73 hinge can withstand even the most difficult conditions to offer a long service life.

Finally, the E6-73 twist-and-flush mount hinge enhances the aesthetics of any device where it is used. The barrel-down design keeps it level with the surface it is used on, providing a continuous smooth surface. Its resistance to corrosion also allows it to remain like new during its useful life. Torque adds a quality feel to any panel regardless of its weight. It ensures smooth movement and eliminates the factor of gravity so that users can access it in the way that is most practical for them.

The E6-73 stainless steel constant-torque, flush-mount hinge combines security, durability and aesthetics in a practical, low-profile package that integrates easily into a wide variety of designs. Corrosion resistance extends its useful life even in extreme conditions and maintains an optimal appearance throughout. Regardless of your application, the E6-73 hinge offers a solution that is built to last and look great at the same time.

by Charlie Barrett, eCommerce Marketing Strategist, Southco, Inc.

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