ICP Solar Technologies and SCOTTeVEST LLC will unveil their first solar power jacket prototypes at CES 2004

Solar power jacket prototypes designed to allow wearers to carry, connect and charge their portable digital devices.

MONTREAL, Canada and KETCHUM, Idaho - ICP Solar Technologies Inc. (ICP), the world's largest developer of solar products for consumers, and SCOTTeVEST LLC (SeV), the leading Technology Enabled Clothing® (TEC) company, will unveil the first solar power jacket prototypes designed to allow wearers to carry, connect and charge their portable digital devices, at the 2004 International CES, January 8-11, Las Vegas.

The ICP Global Solar division is integrating ICP's flexible thin-film photovoltaic technologies (CIGS) in three models of SCOTTeVEST® jackets. These jackets will allow wearers to carry, connect and charge their portable digital devices in one convenient and fully integrated package. Strategically mounted CIGS panels are pre-wired, providing solar power to individual devices for power storage (charging) or immediate consumption.

"These prototypes clearly show the full commercial potential of ICP's exclusive flexible solar technology in the world of intelligent clothing," said Sass M. Peress, President and CEO of ICP Solar Technologies Inc. ICP Global Solar CIGS technology is a high efficiency, ultra lightweight personal solar power solution that has proved itself in numerous applications, ranging from marine to desert environments. It is a highly durable and self-repairing solar technology, ideally suited for mobile applications. Combined with integrated charge control and optional battery/charger systems, it provides the conveniences of back-up and always on, on-demand small scale solar electrical power.

Through its wholly-owned division, Technology Enabled Clothing® (TEC), SCOTTeVEST LLC will assist ICP in showcasing the potential of integrating solar technology into clothing. TEC owns the intellectual property rights associated with the incorporation of third-party wires into clothing through a series of internal, hidden conduits referred to as a Personal Area Network (P.A.N.). In addition to incorporating the solar panels in SCOTTeVEST products, TEC expects to assist ICP in bringing solar technology into other mainstream outerwear clothing products using its patent-pending P.A.N. design.

"We are constantly seeking solutions to build state-of-the-art wearable technology. We believe that this project represents the next logical step in consumer wearable computers. No longer will you have to rely on traditional power sources to recharge your mobile electronic devices. We expect solar panels together with the P.A.N. to be incorporated into approximately 30% of all outerwear in the next three to five years.", said Scott Jordan, Chairman and CEO of SCOTTeVEST LLC.

The prototypes will be presented at the ICP booth at the 2004 International CES, located at booth # 21704 SO 3&4. Fashion show times are: January 8, 2004 (11 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM) and January 9, 2004 (10:30 AM, 11:30 PM, 12:30 PM, 4 PM).

About ICP Solar Technologies Inc.

ICP Solar Technologies Inc. was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It also has offices in Europe, North America and South America, and Asia. ICP strives to be an innovator in solar energy by continually introducing new products to meet its customers' needs. For more information about ICP Solar Technologies, please visit: www.icpsolar.com . Let our power give you freedom®.

Press contact:
Helene Frechette, Corporate Communications Manager
ICP Solar Technologies Inc.
6995 Jeanne-Mance St.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3N 1W5
Tel: 1-514-270-5770/ Cell.: 1-514-793-0393/ Fax: 1-514-270-3677

About Technology Enabled Clothing and SCOTTeVEST LLC

SCOTTeVEST LLC and its wholly-owned division, Technology Enabled Clothing®, are the leaders in the apparel industry as it relates to incorporating electronic equipment into clothing. SCOTTeVEST LLC has filed for international patent protection for the design and utility of incorporating third party electronic devices and their wires into clothing. For more information about SCOTTeVEST, visit www.SCOTTeVEST.com, or www.technologyenabledclothing.com

Press Contact
Scott E. Jordan, Chairman and CEO
PO BOX 2626
Ketchum, Idaho 83350-2626
Phone 208-727-6700 [cellphone: 312-493-9438]
Efax 208-975-1186

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