Xantrex products support Greenland science expedition

Xantrex products are playing an integral role in expeditions such as the Arctic Circle Traverse (ACT) by providing clean, reliable power for key scientific instruments.

Concern about the affect of greenhouse gasses on the Earth's ice covered regions has led to a number of scientific expeditions aimed at better understanding climate change, sea level rise, and whether polar ice is gaining or losing mass.

Xantrex products are playing an integral role in expeditions such as the Arctic Circle Traverse (ACT) by providing clean, reliable power for key scientific instruments. Recently, a Xantrex DR Inverter/Charger, DC Disconnect, TM500A Battery Meter and C40 Charge Controller were used by a team of scientists contributing to ACT, which is attempting to understand the affect of environmental change in the Arctic Circle.

"Working in the Arctic is difficult to say the least," said team member Dr. Vandy Blue Spikes of the Earth Science Agency. "With our Xantrex DR Inverter/Charger we were able to run a number of electrical components at the same time. It was really quite impressive to have that kind of power."

During a two-week period in May, a team of six scientists traveled on snowmobiles across Southern Greenland along the Arctic Circle measuring snow accumulation. During the expedition, 400 km of continuous ground penetrating radar and global positioning system data were collected. As well, ice core samples were taken. Scientists will use the information to try to determine whether the Arctic ice is shrinking or expanding.

The Xantrex equipment provided AC power from batteries for the expedition's base camp building. The camp was used to conduct science experiments and shelter the team. The Greenland expedition was jointly funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) through a grant to Dr. Joe McConnell of the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada.

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