Carmanah Technologies announces that it has entered into a marketing alliance with Landscape Forms, a leading manufacturer of commercial outdoor furniture and accessories. Carmanah will provide the technology to integrate solar-powered LED lighting into the design of Landscape Forms' products.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Solar LED Lighting Technology to Enhance Outdoor Furniture Products

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Tuesday, October 26, 2004 - Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX Venture: CMH) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a marketing alliance with Landscape Forms of Kalamazoo, MI (, a leading manufacturer of commercial outdoor furniture and accessories. Under the agreement, Carmanah will provide the technology to integrate solar-powered, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting into the design of selected Landscape Forms' products.

Collaborating with Carmanah, Landscape Forms is currently designing a series of security-related products that will encompass solar-powered LED lighting. These products are scheduled for market introduction in early 2005.

LEDs represent the most fundamental improvement in illumination technology since the invention of the light bulb. LEDs produce light using a semi-conductor chip in a process that is extremely efficient. They are also shock/vibration proof and offer a life span over 20 times greater than that of conventional incandescent light bulbs. Through years of innovation, Carmanah has developed proprietary power management capabilities that enable the Company to offer high performance solar-powered LED lighting that is extremely reliable and robust.

Bill Main, President of Landscape Forms, stated, "We are looking forward to an exciting partnership with Carmanah and will be adding solar LED lighting to site furniture products. We are already incorporating Carmanah's technology into some of our new designs to offer efficient, cost-effective, long lasting and maintenance-free lighting solutions for commercial applications."

Art Aylesworth, CEO of Carmanah, stated, "Like Carmanah, Landscape Forms is a leading innovator in its industry. With Landscape Forms' design capabilities and Carmanah's unique solar-powered LED lighting, the outdoor furniture market will have access to products with entirely new form and function. There is a natural synergy between our two companies that will become readily apparent with the release of our integrated products."

About Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of commercial outdoor furniture and accessories, and has won numerous design awards during its 35 year history. The company's product list includes exterior seating systems, benches, tables and chairs, umbrellas, wheelchair-accessible picnic tables, planters, litter receptacles and ash urns. Clients include such well-recognized companies as Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Harvard University, Disney, Chrysler, Mayo Clinic, Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, Sprint, Gateway, LaGuardia Airport, Microsoft, Nike, Kellogg's Cereal City USA and many others. Visit Landscape Forms on the web at

About Carmanah Technologies Inc.

Carmanah is an award-winning manufacturer of proprietary LED lighting products for marine, aviation, transit, roadway, and industrial worksite markets. The Company has in excess of 100,000 installations in 110 countries. The shares of Carmanah Technologies Corporation (parent company) are publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "CMH" and on the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges under the symbol "QCX". For more information, visit

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