, Reports on Increasing Demand for Renewable Energy by Government, Military, exclusive feature article "Renewable Energy and Fuel Cells - the drive is on"

Nov 01, 2004, Reports on Increasing Demand for Renewable Energy by Government, Military and Individuals as Oil Prices Remain High

POINT ROBERTS, WA. Nov 01, 2004 -, a global investor news portal, reports in an exclusive feature article "Renewable Energy and Fuel Cells - the drive is on", how governments, military and civilian users are increasing the demand for renewable energy products. Fuel cells, solar power, and other sources of 'green energy' offer advantages to offset the on-going high cost of fossil fuels. offers investors interested in the sector research resources to initiate due diligence.

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Excerpt from: "Renewable Energy and Fuel Cells - the drive is on"
By Allen R. Gibson
Oct 2004
Slowly, but surely, the infrastructure, research, and the evidence necessary to make alternative energy sources economical and practical is being put in place. Already, many states have discovered that renewable energy initiatives, despite initial fears of being too expensive, have in fact either paid for themselves or even generated savings to the utilities involved.
And the markets are noticing, particularly with the recent surge in oil prices. Suddenly, renewable energy stocks are hot. The new WilderHill Clean Energy Index has already jumped 12 percent since it starting trading on AMEX in August, which officials say is uncommon for a new index.
And while the high oil price has spurred investment in drilling, as Alan Greenspan recently suggested it would, it may also be spurring investment into alternative fuels that have a greater chance now of attracting customers and competing in the marketplace. In this article, we'll look at several examples of where those customers are coming from, and what technical innovations are beginning to make fuel cells a more viable energy source. Innovations that were fueled by the last big round of investor interest in the sector, which poured over a billion dollars into fuel cell companies in the late '90s, which resulted in lowering the price of fuel cells by fifty percent. Much more work, however, remains.

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