Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor Begins 6th Year of Publication

Small fuel cells for consumer electronic devices will be of particular interest in 2005.

DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 28, 2005--The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor ("H2FC"), an independent weekly newsletter covering fuel cell and hydrogen related companies, stocks and technologies, completed its fifth year of publication with its January 30th issue.

"The past year has been difficult for some fuel cell stocks, especially those closely associated with automotive applications, as investors began to realize that the prospect of fuel cell cars appearing in dealer show rooms is receding," said David Redstone, H2FC's Editor and Publisher. "On the other hand, for example, one company which has developed its own unique fuel cell technology for consumer electronic applications like cellular phones and digital cameras is expected to begin volume production and sales of fuel cell products during the coming year, and tremendous short to mid term potential exists in this area for the well informed and discriminating investor. The key to success in investing in fuel cell related stocks is understanding the relative merits of the various fuel cell technologies, as well as their potential to succeed commercially in specific applications and markets. Feedback from subscribers indicates that the H2FC Newsletter quickly becomes their most important source for the information and independent analysis needed to evaluate the various companies involved in this complex and rapidly developing industry, both before investing and when following their fuel cell investments once they make them."

A subscription to H2FC includes the weekly newsletter, non-delayed access to the industry's most complete and current news listing, full access to all back issues of the newsletter with detailed index, e-mail updates discussing significant industry developments as they occur, and a members only discussion forum. H2FC's Editor is available to journalists and others seeking insight into fuel cells and the "hydrogen economy".

Many major companies such as DuPont, GM, 3M, United Technologies, Siemens, ChevronTexaco, GE and A.L. Gore are involved in the development of fuel cell systems, components or materials. Companies covered weekly by H2FC include Ballard Power (Nasdaq:BLDP), FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq:FCEL), Medis Technologies (Nasdaq:MDTL), Millennium Cell (Nasdaq:MCEL), Plug Power (Nasdaq:PLUG), Hydrogenics, Distributed Energy Corp. and Mechanical Technology, Inc. Many other fuel cell and related companies are discussed in the newsletter as developments warrant.

H2FC Subscription information: http://www.h2fc.com/subscriber.html


H2FC, Detroit
David Redstone, 248/855-2335
e-mail: editor@h2fc.com

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