Framingham , MA . March 31st, 2005 . SolarOne announces its new patent-pending SoLed' - mc2 - Solar/LED lighting management system. This microprocessor-based system effectively manages the complex balance between the key components in an autonomous solar powered light. The system is designed to operate with state-of-the-art white LEDs configured to the company's specifications.

The mc2 technology effectively acts as the "brains" between the solar panel, storage battery and white LED lamps. Contrary to popular belief, commercial white LED's today and for the foreseeable future will be less efficient on a "lumens/watt" basis than many other forms of lighting, such as fluorescent tubes. However other aspects of LED lighting technology have provided a vast scope of opportunities for lessening the overall energy usage and enhancing features and benefits to users. The SoLed-mc2 takes advantage of these opportunities, improving on both operational and effective efficiency over other LED lighting control configurations.

In addition to a 10% improvement in operational efficiency over similar circuits, the mc2 technology's unique combination of driver, microprocessor and lamp also allows the user to define timing profiles and operating modes that effectively extend system run times or reduce solar panel size and cost. "This control will make SolarOne's SoLed lighting systems even more adaptable to a wider range of applications and operating environments. It will also give our customers the ability to fine-tune system operation", explains SolarOne President Moneer Azzam. He adds that, "the mc2 technology also sets a new platform from which SolarOne will launch a whole series of advancements in outdoor lighting". The management system is also designed to accept external inputs that range from time-of-day clocks to motion detection. The high efficiency operation also translates into lower component operating temperatures, hence longer lifetimes. In addition, the system uniquely incorporates techniques that immunize circuitry from common sources of electronic interference that could adversely affect performance.

SolarOne will first incorporate the mc2 technology into the company's new SoLed' LX01 Signature light. The sleek new light with advanced management system and other state-of-the art technologies will get its debut at Light Fair International, the world's largest lighting exhibition, this year held in New York City on April 12th - 14th.

The mc2 has been in development at SolarOne since July of 2004. It incorporates the lessons from years of company experience with a wide range of solar powered lighting and other forms of autonomous systems deployed across the globe. Progress with mc2 has attracted the interest of several parties including the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Renewable Energy Trust who in November awarded the company with Sustainable Energy Economic Development (SEED) Initiative funding in support of next generation embodiments of this technology.

For further information on SolarOne' visit, e-mail at or call 508-620-7652.

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