OutBack Power GVFX3648 Grid-Interactive Inverter/Charger Featured in June/July Home Power Magazine

OutBack Power Systems, Inc. is excited to announce that the revolutionary GVFX3648 grid-interactive inverter/charger has been featured in the most recent issue of Home Power magazine.

ARLINGTON, Wash., May 9, 2005 - OutBack Power Systems, Inc. is excited to announce that the revolutionary GVFX3648 grid-interactive inverter/charger has been featured in the most recent issue of Home Power magazine. The article entitled "Zero Impact" written by installer Todd Cory discusses how an OutBack system using a GVFX3648 helped his family reach a goal of reducing their impact on the planet by increasing the efficiency of their grid-interactive solar electric system.

A portion of the article reads:

"In July 2004, I retired our ten-year-old, grid-tied, Trace SW4024 inverter and replaced it with an OutBack GVFX3648 inverter. (We are using a battery-based inverter system because our utility often goes down during severe snowstorms.) The battery based OutBack [GVFX3648] has a higher conversion efficiency when feeding solar energy to the grid. It also has the intelligence to shut itself off when it's not needed, instead of constantly floating the batteries. The original Trace [Xantrex] SW series inverters always floated the battery bank using energy from the grid. This amounted to a huge phantom load on my system, averaging about 250 KWH a year!"

"We really value that many dealer/installers, just like Todd, have chosen OutBack's products for their own systems and have found the performance to be superior to that of the Xantrex SW series inverter/chargers" said Christopher Freitas, OutBack Power Systems Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "We put a lot of effort into making the OutBack inverter/chargers better and Todd is just one of many people that have personally experienced the superior performance available from the GVFX3648's next generation design"

Introduced in February 2004, OutBack grid-interactive inverter/chargers are being used throughout the United States and Canada to provide uninterrupted power to grid intertied renewable energy homes at an impressive CEC certified 91% efficiency. OutBack grid-interactive inverter/chargers are designed for use in grid-connected solar, wind and/or hydro power applications. The grid-interactive series addresses the needs of customers who have concerns about the stability and reliability of the electrical grid. They immediately convert to an independent battery backup mode when the grid fails, thereby continuing to provide power to critical loads such as refrigeration, lights and communication systems for your residential or commercial applications.

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