Energy And Fuels Independence For Sevier County, Tennessee

The comprehensive technology includes algae fed mercury-free fish farming and processing as well as microalgae lipid farming and processing for the purpose of producing inexpensive biodiesel fuel.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc. has retained the project development services of Sevierville, Tennessee based EcoGenics, Inc. to create energy and fuels independence for Sevier County. The energy consists of electricity. The fuels consist of biodiesel, E85, and compressed natural gas (CNG). E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. The energy and fuels will be made available to the citizens and businesses of Sevier County at a 20% discount from retail. A possible site for the waste-to-renewable energy project is the Sevier County Solid Waste Composting Facility. About 50 MW of Cummins power generators will be installed along with several large ponds which will produce fish and microalgae. The microalgae will be made into ASTM certified biodiesel fuel. The wastes treated will include municipal solid wastes, municipal sanitary wastewaters, fish production and processing wastes, and biodiesel production and processing wastes. All wastes will be anaerobically digested to produce methane gas and several other beneficial co-products. Some of the methane gas will power the long lasting Cummins natural gas generators. The remaining methane will be sold to the local marketplace in competition with natural gas suppliers at a 20% discount from retail. Some of the methane will also be used to supply compressed natural gas (CNG) to area municipalities as part of the Clean Cities program. Since there are no wastes remaining that require landfill disposal Sevier County becomes a zero waste-to-landfill community.

The waste-to-renewable energy technology fully complies with all Kyoto Protocols on climate change. Rather than discharging the exhaust carbon dioxide from the power generators to the atmosphere this gas is beneficially converted into marine plants and microalgae through photosynthesis thus duplicating the food chain found in the oceans of the world. For the last eight years EcoGenics has pioneered this age old technology on a commercial basis. Cummins is an established worldwide supplier of highly reliable distributed generation equipment. Because of the simultaneous use of both combined heat and power coupled with combined cycle power generation the efficiency of energy production approaches 100%. It is this extreme efficiency that creates very competitive electricity and fuels. Upon full implementation the waste-to-energy technology will provide 100% of the electricity, natural gas, biodiesel fuel, E85, LP gas, and CNG requirements of Sevier County at a 20% discount from retail. The project is expected to create about 35 permanent jobs.

The technology is being marketed on a build-own-operate basis. Since project financing is obtained from financial markets there is no need to raise property or sales taxes to pay for the project construction costs. 50% of the annual profits from the waste-to-renewable energy facility will be donated to Sevier County to enhance employee pay and to help fund county projects.

This important technology has taken some 10 years to develop. As the technology is implemented in the marketplace our dependency on foreign oil and local coal fired power plants will both diminish. It is believed that the technology will gradually become the energy policy of the USA by default.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc. is a provider of waste-to-energy, food independence, water independence, and energy independence technologies and a manufacturer of highly engineered water purification components and systems. The company designs and builds a wide variety of water treatment equipment including packaged water and wastewater treatment plants, UltraPaqTM aerobic package plants, OATTM Process anaerobic digesters with associated energy production, aerators, filters, PuriSepTM and SmartWaterTM oil/water and solids/liquids separators, RainDrainTM perimeter trench sand filters for stormwater runoff, dissolved air flotation separators, air strippers, complete skid assembled aqueous waste treatment plants, FilterFreshTM skid mounted potable water production plants, skid mounted wastewater treatment systems for laundromats, commercial laundries, and car/truck wash facilities with water reclamation and reuse, softeners, demineralizers, activated carbon treatment equipment, and water purifiers for domestic and international markets.

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