EStarFuture Corporation, the New Zealand company whose innovative people-power, people-pennies fund-raiser was launched to cut the planet-wrecking carmakers off at the pass, and get a green car to market years before them, has now matched its fund-raising to its car by making it highly configurable.

Perhaps on the principle that a highly configurable, very user-friendly green car should have a fund-raiser to match, EStarFuture has added a range of options to its innovative people-power, people-pennies bid to get its very green EStarCar Project off the ground.

Those who want to make a nice, simple donation can still do so. But there is now also a sub-option for those to whom 'pennies' mean what thousands of dollars mean to most people. Anyone who combines such wealth with planet-friendliness, and who donates $US10,000 or more to the EStarCar Project will be able to buy an EStarCar at cost once the prototype is humming swiftly down the road and production has begun.

Then for those who want to put their names on a slice of history there is a tailor-made option. The EStarCar is to be 4 metres long, which can be seen as 4000 1-millimetre 'slices.' The cost of producing the prototype, i.e, the amount needed for the EStarCar Project, is $US500,000, which makes each slice worth $US125. So donors can 'buy' a slice of this innovative car, they can get a slice of history, and an ornate certificate to prove it and prove their green credentials. Or several slices.

And for those who like to have something tangible around them in return for their contribution there is the option to buy an EStarCar T-shirt for $US125. Pricey for a T-shirt, true, but the money is for the planet not the shirt.

Then there are EStar Foundation memberships for sale at $US500 each. Memberships run till December 2010, and the number is strictly restricted to 555 (the number has a nice ring to it, and seems a reasonable estimate of the balance of donors, slice-sales and memberships). Foundation members will be a select band who will have have exclusive access to a website giving special reports on the project, and details and specifications of the car, which will not be found elsewhere, once the project gets under way (full start is when $US125,000 has been raised).

The number of visitors to the EStarCar site ( is growing as word spreads, and the bar-graph of contributions is rising towards that full-start total.

EStarFuture Corporation is a small, innovative New Zealand company determined to cut through the greedy self-interest of the Big Iron carmakers, who care everything for their bottom lines and nothing at all for the planet's. The company's carefully costed, very detailed design, using off-the-shelf technology, can be brought to tested prototype then go into production in no more than two years from full-start. That would be years ahead of the procrastinating Big Iron merchants, who pretend that decades and billions are needed to put a green car, an FCV, on the road--a blatant lie.

The EStarCar also goes further than any design they have shown. First, it is, strictly speaking, an FCV+, because it has a total of nine primary and secondary power-sources including the fuel-cell. Other FCVs have no more than three, sometimes four.

The EStarCar has also been designed for maximum simplicity of manufacture, again a marked contrast to the Big Iron merchants, who keep their machines complicated so as to keep their monopoly--only they can make them. But the EStarCar has taken advantage of the comparative simplicity of an electric vehicle, and enhanced that quality. It has been designed for dispersed manufacture by small, accredited teams all over the planet, so production can be far more easily ramped up, and thus the 775 million fossil-fuel horrors can be far more rapidly replaced with machines that do not kill the planet and its inhabitants.

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