US Legislation Boosting Incentive for Energy Efficient Product Lines

VRB Power Systems Inc., SmartCool Systems Inc., Siemens AG and Power Integrations Inc. Comment on the Changing Marketplace - US Legislation Boosting Incentive for Energy Efficient Product Lines

VRB Power Systems Inc., SmartCool Systems Inc., Siemens AG and Power Integrations Inc. Comment on the Changing Marketplace

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., March 06, 2006 - (RES), an investor and industry news portal for the renewable energy sector, is pleased to present, 'US Legislation Boosting Incentive for Energy Efficient Product Lines'. Legislation aiming to change the pattern of energy consumption in the US could have wider implications for the economy on the whole. Supportive legislative measures, such as the Energy Policy Act of 2005, bode well for companies who are bringing new energy saving products to market.

Eyeing the trend in legislation as an opportunity for VRB Power Systems Inc. (TSX.V: VRB), Mark T. Kuntz, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development explains, "the presence of these provisions in the bill brings energy efficiency and conservation to the mind of decision makers, particularly financial decision makers, and allows technology developers like VRB an entré into their process."

SmartCool Systems Inc. (TSX.V:SSC; OTC.PK: SSCFF), Company president, George Burnes adds, "With funding available, companies will be able to manage capital spending differently and focus on energy efficiency and cost reductions that will benefit the bottom line."

Jil Shingledecker, Project Manager of Press Relations for Siemens Power Generation, Siemens AG (NYSE: SI), comments with respect to the renewables market that, "because of the tax credits, it's going to continue to be driven. It's difficult, however, for us to say how quickly it's going to grow. There is a definite market for renewables, as far as we're concerned and having a diverse portfolio is the best route."

According to Joe Shiffler, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications for Power Integrations, Inc. (NASDAQ: POWI), "Over the next year, mandatory efficiency standards are scheduled to take effect in California, Washington, Oregon, New York and Rhode Island, as well as Australia, on external power supplies such as cell phone chargers and other AC adapters. The old copper-and-iron transformers, sometimes called "energy vampires," will typically not meet the standards, whereas power supplies designed with our EcoSmart chips can easily meet the standards."

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