RES Online Energy Conference April 26th - Updates Growing List of Speakers and Participants

Upcoming Earth Day (April 22, 2006) Builds on Global Momentum for Renewable and Environmentally Friendly Energy Sectors Online Energy Conference April 26th - Updates Growing List of Speakers and Participants

Upcoming Earth Day (April 22, 2006) Builds on Global Momentum for Renewable and Environmentally Friendly Energy Sectors

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., April 20, 2006 - (RES), a leading investor and industry portal for the renewable energy sector announces the addition of new speakers to the growing list of conference participants. The renewable energy sector and the upcoming online audio energy conference held April 26th is garnering significant attention as oil prices reach new highs and the world seeks alternative energy solutions. With economic discussions and forums on a global basis surrounding energy prices, solutions and alternatives, the upcoming online audio conference will provide investors and industry with a one day in-depth perspective that will also be archived for future reference.

Additional driving global factors in the quest for alternative energy solutions include Earth Day, an event celebrated since 1970. Earth Day works to increase global responsibility for establishing a clean, safe and sustainable healthy environment, a key topic in recent energy discussions. This annual affair, which is observed through various environmental activities and events, is celebrated by over a half billion people each year, according to the Earth Day Network.

The online energy conference has attracted leading industry experts and speakers to discuss energy trends in renewables, oil, gas and coal with a focus on balancing the needs of the rising energy demands with the protection and preservation of the environment. Recent additions to the participants include Vitasti, Inc (OTCBB: VITS), owner of wind energy company Welwind International Energy Corporation. Additional public companies include: Alchemy Enterprises, Ltd. (OTCBB: ACHM), Encore Clean Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: ECLN), XsunX, Inc., CSMG Technologies (OTCBB: CTUM) and SmartCool Inc.

Online Energy Conference: Working towards a diversified energy portfolio; driving opportunities in renewable and clean energy, oil, natural gas, and coal.
Format: Audio Presentations and Power Point Presentations

Current List of Keynote Speakers:

Neal M. Dikeman, Co-founder & Partner, Jane Capital Partners LLC
Toddington Harper, President, Founder & CEO, Fuel Cell Markets Ltd.
Philip J. McPherson, Director of Research, C. K. Cooper & Company
Richard Stuebi, BP Fellow for Energy and Environmental Advancement at The Cleveland Foundation
Dr. Robert Wilder, CEO & Founder of Wildershares, LLC; and Manager of the WilderHill Clean Energy Index.
Peter Beadle, CEO, GreenJobs
Cornell Capital Partners
Jamie Wimberly, Founder & CEO, Distributed Energy Financial Group
Bruce Woodry, Chairman & CEO, Sigma Capital Group, Inc

Current List of Participating Public Energy Companies:
(RES is compensated by Featured Companies Vitasti, Alchemy Enterprises, Encore Clean Energy, SmartCool Systems and XsunX as disclosed in disclaimer below.)

Vitasti, Inc. (OTCBB: VITS) has signed an agreement with Welwind International Energy Corporation (WIEC) for 100% of WIEC's assets. Welwind was founded in 2005 to build, own and operate wind farms on an international scale. Their current project is to bridge the North America-China link by building wind farms in China beginning along the South China Sea. For More Info:

Alchemy Enterprises, Ltd. (OTCBB: ACHM) has acquired and owns the intellectual property in a new technology for generating and managing power, electricity, and propulsion systems. For More Info:

Encore Clean Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: ECLN) intends to leverage ownership of its revolutionary low-cost, high-efficiency clean energy technologies to form valuable partnerships with local industrial leaders. For More Info:

CSMG Technologies (OTCBB: CTUM) owns the patents and all world rights to a CO2 separation technology, which processes low-quality raw landfill gas that is approximately 50% carbon dioxide and 50% methane into a usable commercial gas.

XsunX, Inc, a developer of a proprietary process for an innovative Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) thin-film solar technology that is intended to allow glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun. For More Info:

SmartCool Systems, Inc., a marketer of advanced energy saving technologies which reduce the electricity consumption (Kwh) and maximum demand (Kw/KVA) of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors. For More Info:

For more information on our list of speakers and participants: (RES) a portal within the content umbrella, does not make recommendations, but offers investors research, news and links to public companies within the renewable energy sector. RES provides a variety of renewable and clean energy content through: Global Renewable Energy Insights, and Renewable Energy Blogs, all available at RES or become a "Priority" member of the investor and industry research resource portals and be at the top of our list to be the first to know what is happening in industry and sector trends. (RES) also includes one of the most comprehensive free renewable energy stock lists in the investment industry. Disclaimer: Our sites do not make recommendations, but offer information portals to research news, articles, stock lists and recent research. Nothing on our sites should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell products or securities. We attempt to research thoroughly, but we offer no guarantees as to the accuracy of information presented. All Information relating to featured companies is sourced from public documents and/ or the company and is not the opinion of our web sites. These sites are currently compensated for by its "featured companies." SmartCool Systems Inc. three thousand dollars per month, plus 100,000 stock options. XSUNX Inc. Three thousand five hundred dollars per month and two thousand equivalent in one forty-four shares. Alchemy Enterprises Ltd (OTCBB: ACHM) five thousand dollars per month by third party IR firm, Crosscheck Capital. Encore Clean Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: ECLN), Three thousand five hundred dollars per month and two thousand equivalent in one forty-four shares. Vitasti, Inc. (OTCBB: VITS) Three thousand five hundred dollars per month and two thousand equivalent in one forty-four shares.

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Source:, Vitasti, Inc., Alchemy Enterprises, Encore Clean Energy, CSMG Technologies

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