Logicalis Partners With Global Action Plan To Combat Climate Change

Backs initiative to create Environmental Champions out of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) users

London, Wednesday, 18th October: Logicalis, an international provider of integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, has partnered with Global Action Plan, the practical environmental charity, to encourage ICT users to lower their carbon emissions in order to lessen the impact of global warming and reduce environmental degradation overall.

Through Global Action Plan, Logicalis will offer independent environmental training programs to existing clients through its CIO engagement programme, and will be the first Systems Integrator in the UK to offer the subsidised environmental training as part of new business proposals and contract negotiations.

The training will be based on the Global Action Plan Environmental Champions Programme. The Programme is designed to enable employees to measure their own and their organisation's environmental impact. In particular, the Programme focuses on minimising consumption of resources and raw materials and reducing harmful emissions from transport and office energy consumption, of which IT plays a growing part.

Companies who choose to adopt the Environmental Champions Programme on an on-going basis will then be helped to set their own improvement targets through a planned process of change. This will be monitored and encouraged over a twelve month period.

More than environmental benefits
Over the past eight years, Global Action Plan's government-backed environmental awareness programmes have developed a successful track record and been adopted by many different organisations including multi-nationals, local authorities and charities.

According to Global Action Plan, there are additional benefits of running Environment Champions in an organisation other than reducing its carbon footprint. These range from achieving significant costs savings to building strong team spirit.

Doing nothing isn't an option
"The next ten years will be crucial in ensuring a sustainable future for the planet," says Logicalis managing director, Tom Kelly. "A step change in behaviour is needed and every individual can make a big difference simply by making small changes in how they live, work and travel. Doing nothing isn't an option."

A sense of urgency
"A sense of urgency is needed now to really confront climate change. Companies publish environmental policies but every organisation needs to turn words into action and this starts most effectively from the bottom up with its people," adds Trewin Restorick, director of Global Action Plan.

"We believe that there are three crucial elements that can make a difference. Communication about climate change needs to be done in a way that makes this largely abstract issue both tangible and relevant to employees. Employees are more likely to achieve change if they take action in supported groups; and they need to be able to measure the impact that their changes are making. Global Action Plan believes fundamentally that by working together, we each can make the small changes that have a big impact on climate change."

"It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of today's environmental problems and wonder what difference you can make on your own," adds Kelly. "But because of the huge power consumption of ICT systems it's a place where ICT users can start to make a real difference. That's why we're backing Global Action Plan which has developed a programme with tools and advice to make it a little easier."

"Strategies such as cutting data centre power by just five percent through simply using storage more efficiently, if repeated cumulatively in every such facility in the UK , could make a significant difference - the issue is getting people to own the problem and understand their role wherever it lies in the ICT supply chain," concludes Kelly, "As a responsible provider of ICT solutions we believe we must deliver some assistance to our clients on understanding the environmental impact and benefits of our joint endeavours. Our partnership with Global Action Plan demonstrates our commitment to be a true partner to our clients and address the biggest issue facing both the UK public and private sectors."

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