Over the past three years the executive of EBT has scientifically developed a complete Jatropha Curcas Linn Agricultural Extension System. The goal is to promote cultivation 150 Million decentralised H/a's of JCL 2007-2016, for the production of Bio Diesel and other value added products.

The system is designed to deliver to rural farmers and farming communities an excellent opportunity to become a primary part of the Agro-Fuels industry, in the subtropical developing regions of the world. (India, SE Asia, SS Africa, South America and China).

The proposed distribution of agricultural extension kits is an excellent way to address some global socio-economic and environmental concerns, whilst remaining fully focused upon the need for sustainable profit from corporate activities. Crops such as sunflower, rapeseed and tree borne oil seeds like Jatropha Curcas provide rich biomass and nutrients for soil whilst combating degradation of land, a problem affecting millions of hectares of land world wide, particularly in the subtropical zones which will be the focus of the agricultural extension kit's deployment.

Jatropha Curcas can integrated into the farming systems of smallholders and subsistence farmers on marginal land boundaries and in other under-utilised spaces delivering a cash crop opportunity to rural communities.

The contents of agricultural extension kits are engineered to provide a one hectare "failsafe" energy farm. The system can be assembled to meet national land allocation standards. The kit will contain seeds, starter planting medium and technical information supporting establishment and management of the crop. The system is fully integrated ensuring that there is multiple economic impact from the extension of Jatropha Curcas and the establishing of plant pollinators.

This will create a positive impact upon traditional crop harvests, while promoting the harvest values of Jatropha Curcas while delivering the added values of bee keeping.

Specification & Benefits

The 1 hectare agricultural extension kit will produce primary products of 10 tons of seed and 18 - 40 kg of honey per hive per annum.

The first processed product will include 6 tons of seed cake, 4 tons of vegetable oil, alcohol, by-products from honey fermentation and distillation, and aqueous run off.

The second processed product will include 4.400 litres of biodiesel per hectare, glycerol, bio-organic fertilizer and bioorganic pesticide.

High yielding breeded seeds producing elite seedlings.

Growing media of Jatropha isolates indicates increased profitability.

Treated seeds for increased germination and stress tolerance.

Technical guide provided to support crop husbandry.

Monitoring and administration for laboratory to land transfer of upgraded technology.

Branding to indicate support of quality standards.

To discuss delivery terms and conditions please email Dr Mark Quinn CEO mquinn@ebtplc.com

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