Solar System Donated by PerfectPower Brings Savings to HomeBase Youth Services

A solar system donated to a non-profit organization that rescues homeless teens from the streets and turns their lives around is saving HomeBase Youth Services money that can be used for programs and services.


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Solar System Donated by PerfectPower Brings Savings to HomeBase Youth Services For Programs Supporting At-Risk and Homeless Youth

$55,000 Solar Unit Also Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions Into the Environment

PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 31, 2007): When HomeBase Youth Services opened the Dustin D. Wolfswinkel Center for Youth a year ago, expanding its capacity to
serve at-risk and homeless youth in Arizona, the building at 1301 E. Almeria Drive carried a $55,000 solar system donated by PerfectPower, Inc. of

The 5400-watt DC Power system, which can produce up to 31 hours of electricity a day and more than 400,000 hours of power over the life of the system, generated savings of $1300 in the first year and is projected to
save $1600 during the second year.

Those dollars, in addition to utility rebates from unused energy supplied back to APS, have been invested in
programs and services for young people who have hit rock bottom.

"The Dustin Center is the first stop for many homeless youth on the path to a healthy life," said HomeBase President and CEO Mary Kate Poling. "Every dollar we can save on the cost of the building is a dollar we can invest in counseling for a youth struggling with drug addiction, or a sack meal for a street kid, or a bus ticket to reunite a runaway with a concerned and caring
family. We are grateful to our partners at PerfectPower for helping us help these kids."

PerfectPower had previously contributed to HomeBase Youth Services through the organization's annual Doorway of Hope fund-raising dinner.

The idea to support the 12,500 square foot Dustin Center, designed by award-winning architect Richard Doria, came during a casual conversation.

"We had a connection with Richard and several other people who also supported HomeBase," said PerfectPower CEO Lynn Paige. "When someone asked
'why don't you put in a solar system?" it just grew from there. We knew it was a good thing to do."

The Dustin Center is the first commercial system PerfectPower has donated to a non-profit organization.

When the decision was made to add the solar system, construction of the center was already in progress.

While this added to the complexity of the project, it did not deter PerfectPower from moving forward.

"Because the building construction was already pretty far along, the solar system had to fit within the existing parameters of the electrical system,"
Lynn Paige said. "There was a whole lot involved in getting this done beyond just putting down some solar panels."

Every party involved, from PerfectPower employees who configured the system to fit the existing construction, to general contractor Redden Construction, the City of Phoenix and APS which handled permitting and approvals cooperated
to make the idea a reality.

Benefits of the PerfectPower system go beyond the cost-savings to HomeBase.

According to Lynn Paige, the system will keep hundreds of thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere over the lifetime of the
solar system.

PerfectPower also has donated alternative energy systems to Habitat for Humanity and installed solar and wind systems in the Flagstaff home of the
family of fallen Arizona soldier Lori Piestewa for an episode of ABC's a "Extreme Home Makeover."

"HomeBase teaches kids to be contributing members of society," Lynn Paige said. "With this system, HomeBase is leading by example and contributing
positively to the energy savings in this country."

"As a non-profit agency, our limited budget would have made it impossible for us to install this system at the market rate," said HomeBase CEO Poling. "I cannot express enough how thankful we are to PerfectPower for coming to the table with a solution that we know is beneficial to the environment and helps us save money so we can invest more resources in our youth."

The construction of the Dustin D. Wolfswinkel Center for Youth was made possible by a $6.5 million Capital Campaign launched in 2003. The next project funded through this campaign is the renovation of the Nicholas
Transitional Living Center. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Nicholas Center will take place Thursday, May 31.

About PerfectPower, Inc.

PerfectPower, Inc. is a technology company specializing in Solar Electric Innovation. PerfectPower manages the design, installation and maintenance of solar electric systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients, as well as the building of integrated solar electric and other renewable energy projects.

About HomeBase Youth Services

The mission of HomeBase Youth Services is teaching at-risk and homeless youth how to live healthy and independent lives. HomeBase is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation and provides life-saving programs and services from three facilities: the Dustin D. Wolfswinkel Center for Youth, the Nicholas Transitional Living Center, and the Independent Living
Center. For more information about HomeBase Youth Services, please call (602) 263-7773 or visit

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