California Clean Tech Open Rewards Green Business Practices Among Start-Ups

Clean Tech Competition Finalists will Receive Sustainability Starter Kits to Help Them Go Green

San Francisco, Calif. - June 28, 2007 - The California Clean Tech Open, a competition founded to accelerate the creation of clean technology companies, will be guiding and rewarding sustainable business practices among this year's participants. New to the 2007 competition, entrants will be judged in part on the sustainability of their entire business model including full product life cycle and operations. In addition to the more than $600,000 worth of cash and service prizes awarded to the winners in six clean tech categories, all California Clean Tech Open finalists will receive a Sustainability Starter Kit and expert guidance to help them foster their own sustainable business practices.

The 2007 call for competitors ends June 30, so use the simple template to submit your entry now at:

"Clean innovation, green operations, and sustainable processes all add up to good business. Expanding on the success of our inaugural competition, this year's California Clean Tech Open is placing an emphasis on nurturing new clean technology companies that are green in both practice and product," said California Clean Tech Open Co-Chair, Michael Santullo. "The sustainability resources that we are offering arm entrepreneurs with the means and knowledge to move those critical concepts of sustainability into practical implementation across all functions of their growing businesses."

"One of the big challenges to fostering the growth of clean technology companies is the need to instill knowledge and skills related to business and sustainability," said Joel Makower, co-founder of Clean Edge Inc. and "Having a green and clean product or service isn't enough. You also have to walk your talk"

Offering goods and services that comprise the essentials of sustainable business practices, the CCTO Sustainability Starter Kits were created to inspire, educate and support behavioral changes in business practices. The kits and associated resources will help contestants understand how other companies are leveraging sustainability to their advantage and conceptualize how environmental and social responsibility challenges can translate into business opportunities. Find the California Clean Tech Open's Sustainability Guidebook online at:

About the California Clean Tech Open:
The California Clean Tech Open brings together a unique and powerful combination of entrepreneurs, researchers, environmentalists, investors, business professionals and others to create economic growth and environmental sustainability by sparking a clean technology cluster in California. By giving winners early-stage capital and expertise, the competition speeds clean technologies from lab to market. The goal is to foster innovative new businesses focused on energy efficiency, smart power, renewable energy, transportation, green building materials, pollution control and resource management. The competition thrives on the state's strong business and governmental support for innovation, technology and environmental protection to create rich soil for the growth of clean technology enterprises that foster a healthy natural environment. To learn more, please visit:

The California Clean Tech Open is sponsored by Acterra: Action for a Sustainable Earth, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit based in Palo Alto, California. The competition is supported by a diverse array of businesses, educational institutions, government leaders and private individuals, and run by a dedicated group of volunteers including business professionals, scientists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs.


Press Contact:
Rosalind Jackson
Antenna Group (for the California Clean Tech Open)

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