Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Spain the Highest, Compared to Other EU Countries

Over the years, half of the EU countries are witnessing a rise in greenhouse gas emission and among them, Spain is the biggest offender due to its booming economy.

As per RNCOS' recent report "Spain Energy Sector Outlook", Spain's greenhouse gas output in the year 2005 was 53% more than the year 1990, the reference year for the Kyoto agreement.

Greenhouse gas emission is on the rise in over half of the EU countries, according to official figures. Spain is the most terrible offender amongst the large countries, discharging 15.4 Million Tons more CO2 in the year 2005 than the previous year, an increase of 3.6%.

Germany, the largest economy in EU, dropped emissions by 2.3% in the year 2005 as it cleaned up the power plants located in Eastern Germany, decreased methane in waste sector, and introduced more diesel-operated cars as well as an eco-tax which facilitated emissions from road transport to fall. However, Spain, that was allowed to increase its emissions by 15%B only under Kyoto Protocol in acknowledgment of its growing economy, had posted a 52.3% collective increase by 2005 end.

Underneath Kyoto, EU 15 pledged a slash of 8% in green house emission by the end of 2012, when the agreement runs out. Spain has previously confessed that it wouldn't meet its 2012 target, although has pledged to be no more than 15% higher. Experts maintain that even this target is a hard bet. Spain is making efforts to obtain 12% of its electricity from renewable sources by the year 2010 and as per a recent legislation introduced in the country it is mandatory for every new building to have solar panel.

As per the report "Spain Energy Sector Outlook", Spain has promised to maintain emission growth no more than 15%. Economic growth of about 3% supported by a flourishing, energy-hungry construction industry, as well as an expanding population and rising living standards, have driven Spain's emissions persistently higher.

The research report also addresses interesting issues for today's global business environment such as opportunities existing in the Spain energy industry, Spain energy consumption by energy source, why renewable energy sources are important for Spain as well as Spanish energy industry's key drivers & challenges.

The report also provides an extensive research and objective analysis of the Spain's energy sector and assists clients in analyzing opportunities critical to its growth.

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